Titan signed a 10-year contract with STRING to create new market value management in the blockchain

The Titan Foundation recognizes the importance of market value management from the beginning of project preparation. In order to protect ecological users and maintain the normal operation of the ecology and the interests of investors, it must be equipped with a strong market value management team to maintain the secondary market. Therefore, Titan hired the professional market value management team STRING from Wall Street to manage the market value and signed a 10-year cooperation agreement with the STRING team. The STRING team members are from Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Morgan Stanley, BlackRock and other oligarchs. They have extensive experience in the blockchain field and are excellent industrial operators. At the same time, it manages more than $1 trillion in funds and is part of the top capital operations team.

The concept of “market value management” sounds abstract. Some people understand it as a business or a market. In fact, the earliest market value management is a kind of strategic management behavior. It refers to the listed company’s use of various scientific and submissive value management methods and means according to the company’s market value signal to maximize value creation and realize the optimization of the company’s value.

In a fully circulated market, market value refers to the fair price of the market value of the company. The market value fully reflects the relevant information of the business operation, reflecting the company’s profitability, growth potential, industry status, management level, team quality and brand image, reflecting the overall quality of the company.

The Titan philosophy: A good market value management team needs at least two capabilities:

1. In terms of industrial management, it is necessary to accumulate real industrial management and resource integration capabilities through years of actual operations, rather than obtaining simple industry awareness through just a few research reports;

2. In terms of capital management, a wealth of experience in dealing with successful and failed mergers and acquisitions and other capital operation cases is a necessity, not just some theoretical principles.

However, there are few market value management teams with these two capabilities. Most of the time, they only have one, and even some of the market value management teams have none of them. Therefore, an excellent market value management team should be an excellent industrial operator and a top capital operation expert. Only in this people can a great cause be made.

Founded by Simon Adler in 2003, the STRING Foundation has six major members. The STRING Foundation is a value-driven, cross-asset investment fundation with a management scale of more than $1 trillion. It has made great contributions in the fields of media, artificial intelligence, big data and finance. In 2016, it has turned its attention to the blockchain. The STRING Foundation invested more than $300 million in the blockchain. Its investment projects include BTC, ETH, Ripple, Zencash, Dash, Neo, Eos, etc., which brought a return of 2,652% to the earliest investors in less than three years. This is equivalent to a gain of US$ 2,552,000 for US$ 100,000.

In addition to investing in blockchain projects, the String Foundation has also been invited to participate in blockchain project operations as a market value management team. In July 2017, it was invited to be the HorizenZEN market value management team. Horizen, formerly known as ZenCash, is a blockchain platform with leading privacy protection technology that provides privacy security for everyone and gives it complete control over digital activity recording. When the String Foundation takes over the Zen market value management, the price of Zen is 3.70 US dollars / piece, the current market value is 6.07 million US dollars / piece. In January 2018, the price of Zen rose to 56.6 US dollars / piece, up 15.29%, the current market value of 169 million US dollars, up 27.84%.

In November 2017, the STRING team accepted the ChainLink’s invitation and became the ChainLink market value management team. In November 2017, ChainLink had a circulation market value of about 60 million US dollars. Today, the market value of chain real estate circulation has increased by 1500%, and the market value of circulation is 936 million US dollars. In the entire blockchain field, ChainLink ranks 15th in terms of market capitalization.

The success of the STRING team in the blockchain field is due to the professional investment vision and professional capital operation ability of the team members. Therefore, the team has become the popular market value management team in the blockchain market. In May 2019, the ChainLink CEO introduced The Titan Foundation had the opportunity to communicate with the STRING team in depth. The STRING team agreed with the concept and value of the TITAN project and agreed to sign a 10-year cooperation contract. The STRING market value management team will become the mainstay of the Titan project, bringing expertise and funding to the Titan market value management, laying a solid financial foundation for the shared vision of the Internet of Everything ecosystem. To protect the landing of digital scenes in the Titan project, it lays the foundation The predictability of the stable development of the Titan in the future.   The STRING market value management team will become the mainstay of TITAN’s plan. It will build a solid capital foundation to implement the digital scenario of Titan Project and lay a solid foundation for Titan’s future steady development.

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