LATOKEN Launches IEO of Economic Interest in SpaceX to Hedge Dino Asteroid Disaster

Cayman Islands – “USPX token sparks the dream to unite people to explore an alternative planet to settle and hedge from an asteroid type of disaster. Something that dinosaurs did not manage to structure.

“It also gives a great opportunity to test the legal structure and business model to provide worldwide liquidity for assets previously not available to most investors. This could turn a great many people into stakeholders in the success of humanity and help to manage planetary resources for a better future, human wealth and wellbeing.

“That’s not going to be easy. There are many mistakes and pitfalls to overcome to solve the problems of information asymmetry, enforceability of contracts, and regulatory compliance across multiple regions.

“I admire startups taking care of it while still having the courage to pioneer such powerful innovation. They could democratize capital markets and incentivise more people to learn how real-time events affect the value of their investments and the future performance of the global economy. That should help to solve long-term problems of the environment, human rights, trade barriers, poverty and education. Let’s make people global stakeholders in a sustainable future,“ commented Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, CEO of LATOKEN.

Accordingly to the USPX token issuer 10 USPX track the economic value of 1 SpaceX share. The USPX Token is issued by Unicorn Tokenization Corp. based on the Ambisafe Regulatory Aware Protocol. The issuer is managed by Threesixty Elements S.A. (BVI FSC authorized and licensed, RIA regulated by the SEC, and a FINRA member).

Please be aware that neither Space Exploration Technologies Corp. nor its CEO Elon Musk are affiliated or involved in the organisation of USPX token issuance and offering.

According to Unicorn Tokenization Corp., the raised funds will be invested in direct or indirect economic interest in Space Exploration Technologies Corp. Otherwise, the funds will be transferred back to the contributors. Potential availability of SpaceX shares is confirmed by a comfort letter issued by US Capital Global Partners LLC. to Ambisafe.

LATOKEN does not provide any warranty that the information provided by the token issuer is either complete or accurate. Investors must assess all the risks of both the underlying asset and the token legal structure. Investments in technology could be a great way to build the future while involving a high degree of risk of losing value.

The Offering Memorandum and other information related to the token issuer and SpaceX are available on the LATOKEN Launchpad page:

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