ZuverBus app can transform the school transportation systems to be more effective

ZuverBus app can transform the school transportation systems to be more effective

ZuverBus is an app designed to digitize the school transportation systems. This app can be the solution to overcome the loopholes of traditional school transport and creating a win-win situation for both parents and school bus drivers. A company based in Chile’ has developed a system consists of 2 apps, one for the driver and the other one for parents.

The parents can monitor their children’s journey using the GPS and internet of the driver’s mobile phone. The drivers, on the other hand, can use it for various tasks such as sending notifications to parents for informing them their child is the next one to be picked up, thus reducing the waiting time and allowing the driver to take more children for each route, eventually increasing the driver’s profits.

We got in touch with Jose Anfossi, the founder and CEO of ZuverBus to know more about his app and how it can transform the school transport systems for better.

Interviewer: Give us a brief of your background and career so far

Jose Anfossi: I am an electronic engineer with experience in the telecommunications market.

I started my career in 2005 in Huawei Chile as a technical support engineer.

Then I moved to the commercial area selling professional services.

In 2011, I joined Nokia Siemens Networks and in 2014 the North American Cisco Systems. In parallel, I founded several companies like Linkstate Communications in 2007,Avaria Clinic, Anfossi Avaria Digital Marketing and ZuverBus in 2018.

Interviewer: Tell us about your new app ZuverBus.

Jose Anfossi: ZuverBus is a development we have been working on for a little less than 2 years.

Together with engineers from the United States, Colombia, and Mexico, we have developed a unique system that we are convinced will revolutionize the world of school transport.

The world of transport has been adopting technology in recent years, however, school transport has lagged behind.

We believe that the lack of concrete benefits for drivers is what has prevented this industry from adopting new technologies.

The benefits of our app for parents and children are obvious. Greater security and less anxiety are some of them. For drivers we have focused on allowing them to be more efficient on their routes, ultimately allowing them to earn more money.

Interviewer: How can the parents benefit from the ZuverBus app?

Jose Anfossi: Parents will know when the school bus is on the way to pick up their children, allowing them to get them ready at the time of arrival.

Notifications will let you know when your child has been picked up and when he arrives safely to his destination.

In the same way, in case of road events that cause delays such as traffic or a mechanical problem, they will be notified immediately, reducing the anxiety of parents.

Interviewer: How will the drivers benefit from ZuverBus app?

Jose Anfossi: Delivering real benefits for drivers has been at the center of our development from the beginning.

For there to be a real adoption of this solution, we need drivers to have a real incentive to install the app.

First of all, the app is completely free for the driver.

The driver can keep all the information about their vehicles, drivers, and routes and use it to plan trips with a couple of clicks in the app.

The notifications will allow them to significantly reduce waiting times.

This is particularly true when the service is provided in large cities, where parents live with their children in buildings.

What usually happens is that the father waits in his apartment for the driver to request that the receptionist communicates with him through the cytophone to take the elevator.

Since receiving the call, he puts the jacket on his son, waits for the elevator and arrives at the lobby, the wait can be perfectly 10 minutes.

If we consider 3 children in different departments, we already accumulate 30 minutes of waiting.

If with the use of the app and notifications, estimated arrival time and live viewing we reduce those times to 2-3 minutes, the driver can add 3 or 4 more children, increasing their earnings significantly.

In the same way, in case of traffic delays or mechanical problems in the vehicle, you can notify with a single tap on your mobile phone all parents whose children are still on the road. Avoiding the flood of calls from worried parents.

Interviewer: In your opinion, what are the shortcomings of current school transportation systems and how will this app help in overcoming them?

Jose Anfossi: On the one hand we must understand that, in the particular case of Chile, the school transport system is 80% private.

That is, the driver will earn money based on the number of children he can transport.

As a result of this, the driver has the need to include as many children in his routes in order to obtain a profit at the end of the month.

It is for this reason that some drivers, not all of course, faced with this pressure, end up driving at speeds greater than those allowed, with the consequent risks to the safety of children.

For their part, municipal transport systems or those of private schools that work by stopping at predetermined stops. They produce the problem that, in case of bad weather, children must wait long minutes in the rain while waiting for the school bus.

With the app, parents can know when the bus is coming and reduce the time that their children are exposed to bad weather.

Interviewer: Tell us something about the user interface of the app.

Jose Anfossi: We have strived to make the user interface as friendly as possible.

While it is true, the app will allow school bus owners to manage their routes and resources, which, depending on the size of their fleet, can be quite complex; Our focus has been to make the use of the app on a daily basis as simple as a couple of taps and the system to handle all the most complex operations.

It should be noted that this system has been built in such a way that the driver only accesses the app when it is stopped. In no case should the system constitute a distraction, but rather support that allows it to concentrate on what is important.

Interviewer: Where is this app available as of now?

Jose Anfossi: The APP, in its version for parents and drivers, is available both in Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

Interviewer: Is ZuverBus free of cost or involves some charges?

Jose Anfossi: ZuverBus is free for drivers and will cost 0 for parents until March 30, 2020. From then on it will have a very low cost for parents of $ 57,990 Chilean pesos (approximately $ 80) per year up to 3 children and $ 69,990 Chilean pesos  (USD $ 97) per year from 4 children and up.

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