Animal Totems Meanings And Cultural Beliefs

Totem animals known in many quarters as spirit animals, animal guides or power animals are quite an interesting study to many. It is fun to know that there are many synchronicities between these animals and yourself. Putting things in perspective, animal totems are the mirror of one’s traits that are visible in a specific animal.

In other words, someone who shares same characteristics with a certain animal harnesses the energy of that animal – their spirit animal. Simply put, these people are the people of that totem.

According to astrologers, one has to know their spirit animals, study and meditate on it, to be able to use the animal’s energy. Since the totem animal has varying and diverse characteristics, one needs to copy a certain animal attribute that works in tandem with the situation they are in.

Let’s take a look at a number of totem animals and what they represent.

Wolf – Soldier

Ant – Discipline, Order and Patience

An Ant Totem will show you how to build your dreams, goals and aspirations over time. In addition, it helps you know that everything will come in its own time. It teaches you how to become the architect of your life, achieving great success with persistence.

Boar – Self-Reliance and Protection

It is the totem of prosperity and spiritual strength. Since the Boar is the master of its terrain, it teaches self-reliance. With the help of the Boar, you can face many tribulations that you face. It’s willingness to always root around in the dirt symbolizes its connection to Mother Earth.

Jaguar – Flexibility speed

It is highly essential for leopard or cheetah people to have a flexible spirit and body for a healthy and fulfilled life. For their existence, maneuverability and speed are paramount. However, people who have jaguars as their totem animals must learn to rest after periods of stress. They are ever to exhaust their energies.

Fish – Adaptation

The hallmark of this aquatic animals is its adaptability. It can give its people protection when they need it and connect them to the creative element of life – widely accepted as water. When a fish enters your life as a totem, it is thought to have awakened of your senses – prophetic dreams and visions.

Elephant – Timeless

Hippopotamus – Power

The animal’s totem is power. However, this power is not physical power but the strength to create, heal and make creative imaginations. When hippos are in water, their feet remain firmly grounded in water meaning you should trust your intuition but at the same time be careful to stay grounded.

Panda – Strength

This totem animal gives you the gift of gentle strength. Since bamboos have strength yet very flexible and Pandas feed mostly on Bamboo, the study of bamboo is very important to this totem. It reminds you that you should not take more projects than you can ordinarily handle. It also teaches you not to be narrow-minded but to see things only in black and white.

Lion – Pride

Squirrel – Preparedness and gathering

A squirrel gifts you its gathering power. It teaches to strike a balance between giving and gathering. They also teach that in the quest to meet our goals, visions and aspirations, we should also take time out to play, socialize and conserve our energy for times of need.

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