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Under the guidance of the China Association for Science, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, the People’s Government of Henan, China Instrument and Control Society, Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Henan Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission, Henan Provincial Foreign Affairs Committee Office, Henan Association for science and technology and the People’s Government of Zhengzhou organized 2019 World Sensors Summit and Expo in 2019 November 9-11 held in Henan province Zhengzhou city!

The conference is counting down. Take a look at the top 10 highlights of the 2019 world sensor conference ahead of time

1. Many ministry leaders attend

Hua Li: Vice President of China Association for Science and Technology

Yiping Xue: Executive vice President of China Machinery Industry Federation

Sendi Zhu: Honorary director of expert committee of China Machinery Industry Federation

Xiang Fang: President of National Institute of Metrology China

2. More than 10 academicians attend the conference

Guofan Jin: Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Zheng You: Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Zhuangde Jiang: Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Liwei Zhou: Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Jiubin Tan: Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Jianquan Yao: Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Guangnan Ni: Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Liancheng Zhao: Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Junhao Chu: Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Hongxin Wu: Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shan Zhong: Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Huilin Jiang: Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Changming Li: Member of U.S. Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering

Xiangli Chen: Member of U.S. National Academy of Engineering

Jun Yang: Member of Canadian National Academy of Engineering

3. Six main speakers

Professor Guangnan Ni (China): Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Professor Xiangli Chen (USA): Member of U.S. National Academy of Engineering

Professor Alfredo Giacomo Cigada(Italy): Professor of Milano University of Technologies

Toshinort Imai (Japan): Sensing Division Director of Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Co., Ltd.

Shane McNamara(Germany): Chief Scientist of Sick Co., Ltd.

Professor Elfed Lewis (Ireland): IEEE Sensors Council Director, Optical Sensors Research Centre, University of Limerick

4. More than 10 of top 500 enterprises participation

Well-known enterprises such as China National Petroleum Corporation, Microsoft, SIEMENS, JD, Panasonic, Omron, GE, Honeywell, Dassault systems, Alibaba Cloud and so on will participate in the conference to demonstrate advanced technologies of sensors, internet of things and industrial internet.

5. Nearly 300 Chinese and foreign enterprises participate in the exhibition

“2019 World Sensors Summit and Expo” will be held on November 9-11, 2019 in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center 2A/2B/2C hall, exhibition area of nearly 20000 Square meters, nearly 300 Chinese and foreign enterprises, the exhibition will involve  sensor research and development innovation, sensor system integration and application, sensor application, standards development and related components, related enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain show the sensor industry ecosystem.

6. 20 countries participate the exhibition

The participating guests and representatives of enterprises involved 20 countries, German as the country of honor of this summit, SIEMENS, SICK, IFM, WAGO, CODESYS, KOBOLD, CAPTRON and so on well-known German industrial enterprises will show at the summit, the audience will feel “made in Germany” face to face.

7.100 Chinese and foreign media focus on the report

This conference will organize more than 100 domestic professional media and 20 international media to make comprehensive reports before, during and after the conference, and about 20 domestic professional media to make live reports, live broadcasting, guest interview etc.

8.15 international organizations participate in the preparation of the “Intelligent Sensors International Alliance”

Representatives of 15 international organizations will be invited to attend and participate in the “Intelligent Sensors International Alliance Preparation and Exchange Seminar” to realize collaborative innovation, cross-border integration, joint complementation and win-win cooperation and coordinate innovative resources in the field of international sensors.

9. “Smart sensor valley” planning disclosure

The conference will reveal the national and local policies and plans for the development of sensor technology and industry of “China (Zhengzhou) Intelligent Sensor Valley”, establish a new organization model of integration and symbiosis of upstream and downstream, division of labor and cooperation and benefit sharing, promote industrial chain cooperation, build sensor ecosystem and promote the landing of the industry in Zhengzhou.

10. “Conference, Exhibition, Competition, Service and Business” five plate support

The conference integrates various forms of conference, exhibition, competition, service and business, to gather industry talents through the platform of the conference, shape brand meeting, promote the progress of sensor technology, improve the upstream and downstream industrial chain, optimize the development of industrial system and build an industry ecosystem.

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November 9, 2019

Zhengzhou, Henan

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