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Cybersecurity has become a major talking point internationally. This has led to an increasing number of people are shifting to VPN services. The protection and anonymity these provide online cannot be understated. With a multitude of services aiming to extract user data and exploit one’s information, VPNs have become a must. The most used option among these is NordVPN.

It has made strides in improving its security posture. Recently, they’ve entered into a long-term strategic partnership. This was with the cybersecurity consulting firm VerSprite. Alongside this partnership, they announced a 70% discount on all their plans. This is a limited time sale that they hope assists their users. While many believe that their plans are already quite economical, these discounts make them a must-have.

In a world where online security is becoming increasingly less common, the need for VPNs is only set to increase. As such, it seems NordVPN has steered ahead of its competition by providing great discounts and garnering a lot of attention. Many reviewers and experts chimed in, giving their assessment of this major discount. The general consensus was that, this has made an already impeccable product even better. A NordVPN review on Reddit, even estimated that this could propel the security service much further than any of its alternatives.

NordVPN’s lead in the VPN world has been on a continual rise in recent years. One only needs to visit any NordVPN reddit review to see just how positively it is rated. Thus, seeing such a massive price drop to garner more popularity and customers isn’t surprising. If this is a one-time promotion, or many in a series of price reductions is still unclear. But many have already begun switching their VPN services to NordVPN.

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