Headways in Smart Machinery and Evolutionary Materials at Futex Taipei 2019

Headways in Smart Machinery and Evolutionary Materials at Futex Taipei 2019
Conceptualizations made in Smart Machinery improves our daily lives

November 6, 2019 – Taipei, Taiwan – Ultrasonic toolholders and five-axis heavy cutting CNC vertical hypoid gear generators, as well as an eye-in-hand adaptive gripper for object recognition and tracking are some of the devices that are making headways at this year’s Futex Taipei 2019 exhibition which will showcase breakthroughs in metallurgy, chemical engineering, materials science, and novel material innovations to change our lives in the near future. The event runs from December 5 to 8, 2019 at Taipei World Trade Center, Hall 1 in Taipei, Taiwan. The event organizer is Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

Futex Taipei 2019 aims to make cutting edge research in smart machinery and evolutionary materials accessible and understandable to all of us and build on current advancements to improve overall safety in the industry. Futex Taipei 2019 will also demonstrate the innovative and practical research strengths of Taiwan and recognize the efforts of scientists and researchers. Futex Taipei 2019 will reveal Taiwan’s revolutionary breakthroughs in smart machinery and evolutionary materials.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report for 2019, in the “Innovation capability” category, Taiwan ranks fourth globally for the key competitive attribute behind Germany, the United States, and Switzerland. It claimed 12th place out of 141 economies overall.

Research headways: ultrasonic tool cutters, vertical hypoid gear generators, and adaptive grippers change the way we work and operate to improve life matters

At the National Chung Hsing University, an ultrasonic, non-contact power transmission technology was created to offer high quality and an efficient machining for ceramic and other brittle materials without the need for expensive devices. Depending on the workplace, the product allows for higher feeds and increases machining efficiency by 30% ensuring longer tool life and significantly bettering surface finishing. What this does is create a refined product and highlights Taiwan’s strengths in quality products.

National Chung Cheng University showcased a five-axis heavy cutting CNC vertical hypoid gear generator with intelligent manufacturing/CPS system integration technology. The special gear processing software was developed to calculate cutting paths in heavy machinery. The CNC gear generator uses highly flexible materials to utilize processes of all kinds with special gear teeth to address the gear precision and control feedback and compensation. Conventional human-machine interfaces have contributed to simplified modification programs, but nothing has come close to how these devices operate.

At the National Tsing Hua University researchers have developed an eye-in-hand adaptive gripper for object recognition and tracking. The design enables a compliance mechanism to self-adjust and grasp random objects, thus promoting the ease of use the gripper can be applied to in the industrial field. The integration of an embedded vision module can guild the robotic arm to pick up random objects without the need for human intervention thereby reducing the cost of building a smart production line.

Learn more about Futex Taipei 2019 at: www.futuretech.org.tw

The List of Winners of the 2019 FutureTech Breakthrough Award: https://www.futuretech.org.tw/futuretech/index.php?action=winner_list&web_lang=en-us

About Futex Taipei 2019

The Futex Taipei 2019 showcases Taiwan’s innovations – in the areas such as artificial intelligence, green energy, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and nanomaterials – which are vital to people’s livelihoods and to the development of society and an industrial economy. The annual event, which was first held in 2017, is organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

To demonstrate Taiwan’s ability to master key practical technologies for industry, selection criteria include industrial applicability as well as scientific innovation. Innovations are carefully selected from research institutes, science parks, and many other sources. By using this exhibition to share and publicize the practical creativity of Taiwan’s industry, academia and researchers, Taiwan is improving on its already strong position as a global source of innovative science and technology.

Find out more at https://www.futuretech.org.tw

About the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)

Scientific and technological innovations are major driving forces of economic growth and national progress. The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) spearheads Taiwan’s exploration and development of the latest technologies. It is the successor to the National Science Council (NSC) established in 1967. MOST promotes science and technology development, supports and encourages forward-looking academic research, and oversees Taiwan’s science parks – critical generators of innovation and science-industry cooperation that have made Taiwan a key provider of practical technologies used worldwide by billions of people. The ministry strives to harmonize science and technology with the humanities, as well as to promote Taiwan’s originality and international competitiveness. MOST provides top-level strategic guidance for national policy by drafting the National Science and Technology Development Plan.

For more information visit https://www.most.gov.tw

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