Server Basket UAE is Now Offering Refurbished Servers at Very Reasonable Prices

Server Basket UAE is Now Offering Refurbished Servers at Very Reasonable Prices
Server Basket UAE scrabbled out a way to offer companies looking for servers, which have a tight budget but like to buy a server of equal competence and efficient like new HP and Dell servers.

Dubai, UAE – Server Basket UAE, an established company selling servers in India, is now expanding to UAE and aims to offer its customers with servers at best price and slashed rates. The store specializes in IT rental, brand new Dell, Cisco, HP, and Lenovo servers, as well as used or refurbished servers.

Considering used or refurbished servers from the secondary market could be an excellent way for people and organizations to buy efficient solutions for their data center. Used servers offer the flexibility of custom memory as well as storage options, which could outperform base models. Server Basket UAE, the Indian-based hardware seller, and now expanding to UAE aims to offer only the best quality of refurbished and new servers for its customers.

With these refurbished Dell Server and HP Server, they could give support like the one a new hardware type could perform. Maintaining all the competencies intact, they could operate as new and have complete capacity that hardware must-have. Improved security, enhanced workload management capacity, and lightning fast performance are some of the features, which matter most.

Buyers are guaranteed optimum performance obtainable from the hardware. It is known that such refurbished servers could support network growth, particularly when it comes to scalability, storage, and memory all at a very reasonable price. Hardware systems require to be improved from time to time in the future to go with time-bound demands.

Keeping this in mind, Server Basket UAE is refurbishing the servers so they could meet up with the needs of the company and support the network growth expansion needs in the future. We are also offering one year warranty to show our discernment and dedication,” confirmed Mr. Amarender Donthula, General Manager of Server Basket UAE.

Individuals and businesses interested in Server Basket’s products can call them today for an inquiry and receive bespoke advice from their experienced sales executive. This will allow customers to determine which servers would be perfect for them, getting superior performance and within their budget.

About Server Basket UAE

Server Basket UAE is a global retail distribution of Server technology. They focus on the retail distribution of new and used servers and accessories along with a huge emphasis on Dell, Lenovo, and HP servers. They provide a wide range of services that ranges from sale, renting, to leasing of Dell server, HP server, Dell storage and more.

To learn more about Server Basket UAE, call Mr. Murthy at +9605 0520 3535 or send him an email at [email protected]. Visit their website at to find out the wide array of used and new servers they are offering.

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