Oregon’s Safest Cities in 2019 – Visit Oregon

Oregon’s Safest Cities in 2019 - Visit Oregon
Visit Oregon Analyzes The States Safest Cities

The state of Oregon has rapidly become one of the most sought after states to relocate to – and for good reason. Studies show that most newcomers relocate to the greater Portland Metro area, or other major cities like Bend, Eugene or Hood River. While these areas are most popular due to their location, job markets, lifestyle, etc. there is no doubt that people are relocating to just about every corner of the state. This got the Visit Oregon team thinking… What factors might someone take into consideration when relocating to a new state, or simply a new town? Job opportunities? Recreational activities? School Districts for those with children? What about safety? Studies show that perceived personal safety is one of the top deciding factors when someone relocates – specifically families. After analyzing what may drive people towards a specific city as opposed to other options, it made the Visit Oregon team wonder – what are the safest cities in Oregon? What they found just might surprise you. 

From education systems, to crime rates, there are so many factors one might take into consideration when relocating. After analyzing the safest cities in Oregon, the Visit Oregon team has compiled all of the info they found into an all new “Safest Cities in Oregon”  guide. In the guide, Visit Oregon presents and discusses research done through SafeWise, a popular online source for all things safety and security. SafeWise analyzes the FBI’s most current crime report data and other statistics to rank the safest cities, amongst other things, on their website. According to their findings, the residents of Oregon’s 20 safest cities were about 75% less likely to be the victim of a crime when compared to the national average. While these are great numbers, sadly no city in Oregon was completely void of violent crimes. Oregon’s lowest reporting city, Monmouth, still saw about 13 violent crimes reported in 2018 and was ultimately ranked as the 3rd safest city in Oregon. 

Through their research, Visit Oregon found that the state of Oregon is well below the national rates for both property and violent crimes. The beaver state sees about 1.43 incidents per 1,000 people while the national average sits at about 4.5 incidents per 1,000 people. Based on these numbers, its safe to say Oregon is a pretty “safe” state to reside in. With that being said, no community is completely immune to crime.

If you are interested in learning more about Oregon safest (and most unsafe) cities, check out Visit Oregon’s new guide here: https://www.visitoregon.com/safest-cities-in-oregon/.

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