Announcing the Launch of Bethany Londyn’s new book titled, Get Aligned Now: Free Your Mind through Body Intelligence, the Path to Achieve Aligned Results

“The book and pop-up sensory launch party in Venice Los Angeles is slated for 11th November 2019. Be amongst the first to learn the tools of Body Intelligence.”

7th November, 2019 – “Free Your Mind & Get Aligned” – it might sound complicated, yet when you learn to free your mind, you learn the conversations of your body. You then have the power to align you with your goals for greater success. Well said, Bethany Londyn. That’s not all – This process is your natural birthright.

The internationally recognized writer and best selling author, Bethany Londyn, is excited to bring a new understanding of how to achieve results with awareness more expansive than emotional intelligence. It’s time to look within. Her latest book is now available for order on her website.

A modern visionary, Bethany Londyn, the Alignment Catalyst Life Coach, and Spiritual Healer to many, shares her process that has supported her clients in conquering this new awareness so that by the end, you’re sure to have results.  

One of her first draft readers walked away from a million-dollar deal because of the lessons in Get Aligned Now. He shared it was “scary to trust my body and walk away from such a huge deal, but I knew it didn’t feel right.” Within a week of walking away, a more significant opportunity appeared. Since he had said no to the last deal, he was able to accept as he knew inside it was fully aligned with his body.

No one says listening to your body is going to be easy. Life is full of distractions. However, once you grasp the knowledge of your body, you will get out of the analysis paralysis and the chaos the mind tends to drift towards.  


Bethany Londyn’s exceptional new book – Get Aligned Now: Free Your Mind through Body Intelligence, the Path to Achieve Aligned Results will not only help you answer that question, it will also lead you step-by-step toward making each one of your dreams come true.

The new book shows you how to:

• Re-calibrate your life supporting to balance
• Clean up chaos to experience harmony and bliss
• Know how to be firm and decisive  
• Figure out your purpose  
• Overcome hardships and feelings of disconnection
• Hack your way to alignment and achieve your goals
• Become aware of your intuition and added guidance
• Learn how to listen to your body for guidance

Bethany wants to let the world know, “You deserve to feel free. It’s really not that difficult to hack your way into alignment to achieve your goals.” Get Aligned Now: Free Your Mind through Body Intelligence, the Path to Achieve Aligned Results will not only teach you to reach your goals but rather teach you how to turn your success into a sustainable lifestyle as well.

On the same day of her release, there will be a launch event on 11th November. It is going to be a whole Instaworthy event with sensory experiences as well as being for cause, on Veterans Day, to support the non-profit Real Care for Wounded Warriors Foundation, Inc. with mental health and PTSD.  

To order a copy of Get Aligned Now: Free Your Mind through Body Intelligence, the Path to Achieve Aligned Results, visit Bethany Londyn’s website:

About Bethany Londyn

Bethany Londyn has been internationally recognized for her signature coaching services, facilitating workshops at companies and institutions around the country, as well as writing for multiple media outlets, and space healing sessions. She helps men and women jump-start their life toward their desired dreams, overcoming limiting beliefs and obstacles along the way. Londyn’s mission is to support people in finding their own truth, which in turn produces innate freedom. Her personalized approach will allow you to dig deep and align with actual results like never before.

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