Pizzoli’s Offers Pizza Delivery in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. – Pizzolis (http://pizzolis.com/) is a restaurant in Washington, D.C that offers pizza deliveries along with many gluten free and vegan options across the city. The company was founded 20 years ago and has always remained stationed in only one location. It’s currently looking forward to continuing its journey of being a brand that offers a different kind of value to its customers – authenticity.

The company is well-known for sharing a name with the little town in the Abruzzo region of Italy famously known as ‘the birthplace of pizza. Despite this, the brand is even better known for its offering of a modern classic – New York-style pizza made with fresh dough, ingredients freshly-bought every morning and pizza sauce on the side.

Together with a simple mixture of ingredients sourced from Italy itself, a customer on Yelp has been quoted stating that ‘almost everything of wonder is left to the palate. All the flavor is unleashed with every single bite.’

As a company that has not changed locations, received funding from angel investors, been acquired by a multi-billion tech conglomerate or even made an attempt to venture out into other areas, the company is known for sticking to traditional ideas of governance. It is still supervised by the founder of the company and markets itself as ‘a no-nonsense, zero-gimmicky kind of pizza. The kind that has been tried, tested and stuck around. We’re the real deal.’

But what makes it ideal is its offering and delivery of more than three dozen different types of foods. They deliver everything from pasta to sandwiches, pizza to calzones, fresh salads to wings, appetizers to sides, subs and sandwiches to burgers and stromboli. The list of foods this traditional Italian restaurant offers is as diverse as you’d imagine from a company so well-established in its area.

Of particular repute is the customers’ favorite meal – the New York-style pizza. This fan favorite is a kind of pizza made from thick bases and filled with extra cheese that can be pulled from the whole pizza and eaten together with friends and family, or devoured while on the move.

Customers are free to choose from a variety of cheese types – the most common choice being mozzarella. For those that don’t consume animal products, nearly every pizza on the menu can be prepared with an alternative – Daiya cheese – with little to no change in its overall taste. They also offer a gluten-free crust, though this is purchased frozen. If that’s not enough to excite most customers’ tastes, they will find value in the free disposable pizza cutter that comes with every purchase to prevent cross-contamination with regular pizza cutting-tools.  

And for such a traditional company, they have managed to stay relevant thanks to their modernized menu and transparent preparation processes. Every ingredient that goes into the process is measured and accounted for, the company sources fresh, organic produce from local farmers to reduce possible exposure to chemicals and unpalatable, flavorless vegetables. The sauces the company prepares are also produced every morning.

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