Exciting New Fantasy and Science Fiction Book Hits The Shelves – The Legend of the Avatars – The Created World

HUNGARY – NOVEMBER 07, 2019 – The Legend of the Avatars – The Created World was written by Tutmozis (Mark Jusztin). It is about the creation and the formation of life and has been described as one of the most exciting new fantasy and science fiction books of 2019.

For all those science fiction and fantasy fans around the world there is some very exciting news. A new science fiction book which fans are calling for it to be made into a film has hit the shelves. The Legend of the Avatars – The Created World was written by Tutmozis (Mark Jusztin) is expected to be one of the best-selling fantasy and science fiction books of the year.

The Legend of the Avatars – The Created World which was first published in September 2019 and available as a paperback, and an ebook is one of those books that once a person picks it up, they can’t put it down. The story takes the reader out of reality and into a world of the future and make believe. A world that has been created with Avatars and full of magicians, demons, warriors, spells, and romance. A world that will take the reader away from the troubled day to day crises that we live in.

To accompany the book the author plans to release short animated web episodes, card games, and board games. This is unheard of with a new author and is normally associated with the likes of Harry Potter books. But one thing is for sure, The Legend of the Avatars is going to take over the fantasy and the science fiction world.

When asked how he felt about the huge exposure The Legend of Avatars – The Created World has received, Tutmozis replied: “It has taken such a long time to write the book. I wanted to give the reader everything they could ever want to take them into a dark world full of mystery. My aim was to make the reader feel they were right there within the story. I am so pleased that my readers feel I have achieved that.”

The Legend of Avatars – The Created World is the first book in the series. The author plans to release more books, making The Legend of Avatars into an exciting brand.

To learn more about the new book, please visit https://store.bookbaby.com/book/The-Legend-of-the-Avatars

About The Author

He was born to this world on March 17, 1986 in Hungary, in the town of Kecskemet. But when did his life actually begin? Probably shortly after he was captivated by the world of fantasy and science fiction and became a graphic designer.

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