The Triple A Podcast is putting up their unfiltered opinion on popular topics of today’s world

Triple A Podcast is hosted by the dynamic duo Tia McCrary and Jamar BV Harris. Together they are bringing out the latest and hottest views on a variety of topics in Pop and Urban Culture. They both are known for their unfiltered opinions on the subjects with an aim to present honest Podcasts for the listeners. Jamar noticed that the Podcast industry lacked authenticity and fresh perspectives on the things we see in the world. Tia also observed the same and together they decided to start their own Podcast channel that addresses various topics including sports, news, politics, sex, and religion.

Tia is a hardcore boxing, MMA and regular sports fanatic who is known for great commentary and a no hold barred opinion on things. Some of their Podcast titles include “Wild Thing (Way off-topic)”, “Quid Pro Quo”, where they talk about Politics, Bulls, NBA, and The Bad New Brownies, “Vice Grip Ep 5” talking about Impeachment, Crooked Clintons, 69, AB, NCAA etc., the “Market Hall Podcast” where they cover Telling is telling w/ 69, Antonio Brown, Boxings biggest star and more, and the “10 Pump Chump feat Ma” in which they both discuss in the new world while Ma stops by and has them laughing to death. They also have an inspirational Podcast with their special guest Taiwan Bailey, former Pastor, and visionary who is helping men handle mental health struggles. In this Podcast, they all talk about film, faith and mental health.

Nothing is off-limits for the Triple A Podcast duo as they talk about popular stuff with a sly sense of humor and occasional digs at the controversial topics. Listen to the Triple A Podcast on


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