We Love Mass Meditation Announces Special Mass Meditation Event on November 11th to Coincide With Astrological Alignment

Meditating certainly brings many personal peace. Can it help the masses? We Love Mass Meditations believes it can, with the event they are endorsing happening on November 11th, 2019.

Since the earliest recorded times, a great number of people have believed certain days and nights are more conducive for self and societal change when meditation is practiced. The informative blog “We Love Mass Meditation” keeps that spirit alive today, informing readers when mass meditation events are planned, the reason behind them, and helping to organized people’s participation. In exciting news, the next planned is being led by famous meditation teacher Mr. Hoshino of www.Welovemassmeditation.com on November 11th, 2019, intended to coincide with a Mercury Transit across the sun on the day. Hoshino is also suggesting people who are able to, to buy silver for the event as he believes it can be charged with positive intention from the mass meditation.  The enthusiasm surrounding the event is high.

“It bring us real joy to keep people informed about meditation mass events so they can participate,” commented a spokesperson from We Love Mass Meditation. “The November 11th event is especially interesting when the ‘Silver Trigger’ is considered, something we dig into on out blog.”

Some other interesting facts about November 11th, 2019 include it being such a rare event, with it only occurs about 13 times each hundred years. The last transits of Mercury happened in May 2016 and the next one will happen in November 2032. So this is an experience many may not have the chance to fully enjoy or appreciate again.

The blog contains well researched information on where to purchase silver in small or medium amounts for the event, how to do so safely, and much more.

To learn more about the event be sure to visit https://www.welovemassmeditation.com.

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