The World’s first Revolutionary 7-in-1 Pillow with Bacteria Protection and Cooling Technology launched on Kickstarter

CarbonIce™ Pillow – The only pillow with 7-in-1 technology that protects you from bacteria and keeps you cool, so you sleep better. There’s the Carbon Bamboo Charcoal to absorb moisture and prevent bacteria growth, Activ Air cells for enhanced breathability and air flow, Cooling Gel that is cool to the touch.

Memo Density Memory Foam that cradles you for maximum support, plus Infused Copper for anti-bacterial protection and skin benefits. A carbon Ice Cover for additional cooling &  The Graphene Cover with enhanced anti-microbial protection.

The CarbonIce™ Pillow has just launched on Kickstarter.  It’s dirt, bacteria and dust mite resistant and in a class of its own. It’s a pillow unlike any other on the market and it’s so much more than just a pillow. The new pillow which is gaining huge exposure around the world protects from bacteria and mold growth while wicking away moisture.  Choose from the blue soft side or the black firmer side.  With it’s proprietary Activ Air Cell technology, there is continual air flow so you stay cool and sleep better.

The 7 in 1 CarboneIce™ Cooling pillow is going to change the way people sleep. So why is it so special, and why has it gained so much exposure and why it is so different from other pillows on the market?

The CarbonIce™ Pillow has so many amazing features that make it stand out. Included in those features is the Dual Memo Density Memory Foam. Using the most advanced memory foam technology, the pillow provides the option where the user can choose how firm they would like their pillow. The pillow which provides extra support to the head, neck, and shoulders helps to relieve muscle fatigue, pain, and soreness while you sleep. It also helps to provide spinal alignment which doctors have said is a vital ingredient to a good’s nights sleep.

Another great feature is the Activ-Air Technology. The 3 different airflow cells in the pillow provide air circulation to give you maximum comfort. Studies show that you sleep better in a cooler room and the Activ Air cells keep you cool so you sleep better.

The included copper casing and infused Graphene have incredible benefits as well.  Copper technology has been tested by NASA for its skin-healing and anti-bacterial properties while studies on Graphene tout it’s anti-microbial properties in addition to its extraordinary strength and electrical conductivity, it is the world’s strongest known material.


The CarbonICE™ pillow is the best solution for a perfect night’s sleep, allowing people to go to bed and feel refreshed when they wake up. Health experts have said, by having the perfect night’s sleep it can improve a person’s performance at work and help improve overall health.


THE CARBON ICE PILLOW – The only 7 in 1 Cooling Pillow with Active Air cells, Dual Memory Foam Technology that eliminates bacteria and improves your sleep.

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