DVP Bank has obtained tens of millions of A Round financing to create a new decentralized digital banking platform

According to foreign media, DVP Bank, digital asset bank, announced that it has obtained tens of millions of A Round financing. This round of financing is led by Shenzhen Venture Capital, and employed international financial analysts as consultants. However, the specific investment amount and valuation are not disclosed.

The vision of DVP Bank is to become the world’s leading digital asset bank, providing support for the maintenance and appreciation of digital assets of tens of millions of users worldwide. This time, it obtained ten million financing, officially opened the first step of DVP Bank towards globalization.

In order to better build the application ecological environment of the blockchain digital asset bank, DVP Bank will encourage outstanding application and smart contract developers for ecological assistance through DVP, and promote the emergence of more diversified bank applications and product values of DVP Bank.

Nowadays, with the development of the Internet, the continuous application of artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies, the traditional banks continue to generate costs when they carry out capital circulation or information circulation. As long as the money is deposited in the bank for one more minute, the bank will get one more profit. There are a lot of information islands in the whole process, which are continuously clearing and connecting, which is a process of cash flow behind the payment completed by traditional finance.

DVP Bank seizes this opportunity to increase the value of digital assets after a certain period of investment and reinvestment, which is called the time value of digital assets. Traditional digital assets are stored in wallets and cannot be invested, so the time value of digital assets is missing. DVP Bank calculates the interest through the storage time of digital assets to improve the time value of digital assets. The depositor can store the digital assets on the DVP bank platform. DVP bank calculates the savings interest according to the savings time of the depositor, so that the depositor can realize the value-added of digital assets within the time of saving currency.

In addition, DVP Bank carries out value mortgage based on digital assets and supports multi asset lending. At the same time, DVP Bank can also obtain loan interest income and increase its own digital asset accumulation. For this purpose, DVP Bank launched its own financial wallet and built-in exchange. DVP Bank is not only secure but also value-added, it can provide users with safe financial services, and let digital assets appreciate safely. Users can manage and trade their own digital assets.

This series of opportunities has laid a solid foundation for the development of DVP Bank’s ecology, and the financing of ten million yuan this time is a powerful booster for DVP Bank’s global ecological operation and future planning.

Then, DVP bank will connect with legal currencies of various countries around the world, and link millions of merchants around the world. Besides acting on economic and financial activities, DVP bank will also expand to insurance, games, life services and other industries to provide full intelligent services for global digital asset users!

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