MarcoPolo Protocol(MAP), a peer-to-peer e-cash system blockchain project, was invested by SoftBank

MarcoPolo Protocol (MAP) announced that it received a strategic investment from Singapore Softbank Investment Co., Ltd., and the first investment funds were received on October 28, 2019. Singapore Softbank Investment Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Softbank Investment Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in strategic investment in emerging industry such as blockchain.

Kaiser Jiao, chairman of Softbank Singapore, said that MarcoPolo Protocol (MAP), as the infrastructure aiming to create a new peer-to-peer electronic cash system, utilizes token as an open-source community incentive, which will build Linux in the blockchain field. As we all know, Linux is the great success of global open source technology geek collaboration. MarcoPolo Protocol innovatively integrates token incentives into user incentives and geek collaboration systems, which will produce special reactions to the equation.

The unique advantage of the MarcoPolo Protocol over previous infrastructure projects is the convergence of merchant and user resources. In terms of merchant resources, founding members of MarcoPolo have a large number of high-quality merchant partners around the world that open to receive digital currency payments. In terms of user resources, the POB (Proof of Building) community user consensus-building system can provide traffic support for peer-to-peer cash systems such as DPay/Dex/DeFi, leading to the construction of a new generation of peer-to-peer electronic cash system infrastructure. Besides, Kaiser Jiao said it will make additional investments in the secondary market as appropriate and will provide Softbank global technology and business resources to advance the eco-system construction of the MarcoPolo Protocol.

MarcoPolo Protocol (MAP) aims to create a new peer-to-peer cash system infrastructure, through a series of technical mechanisms, to achieve public chain TPS sharing and intelligent scheduling, become the transaction dispatch platform of the entire blockchain world. Peer-to-peer cash system applications can utilize unlimited expansion of TPS and optimal GAS in the entire blockchain network.

Based on the completion of the Gravity open-source module, developers can develop cross-chain peer-to-peer cash applications. A large number of merchants and service providers from Southeast Asia, East Asia, and North America will open access to all digital assets.

It is reported that Softbank’s past investments in the blockchain field include Ripple (XRP), which is committed to cross-border payments, and Omisego (OMG) – a Thai payment project. At present, the blockchain payment system is limited by troubles related to TPS, users, merchants, etc. MarcoPolo Protocol is committed to solving the problems of TPS unlimited expansion through global public chain TPS shared scheduling strategy. Furthermore, it has a large number of POB user systems and merchant resources that can accept digital currency payment. It aims to build a peer-to-peer electronic cash system infrastructure including blockchain payment, Dex, DeFi, and other applications.

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