Sell Cisco offers to repurpose and reuse old Cisco equipment

For old Cisco equipment, Sell Cisco promises to wipe them clean and put them to good use all while giving previous owners monetary compensation.

Customers who have old Cisco equipment will be pleased to know that Sell Cisco is a company that’s willing to take that equipment off people’s hands for a price. Cisco used to offer several pieces of equipment from phones to routers, switches, and controllers. With new models being released from other competing brands, this older Cisco equipment might be left unused and untouched with their owners not realizing these still have value. Sell Cisco realized its potential for being reused once more. Instead of throwing these hazardous components in the bin which can wreak havoc to the environment, why not have them repurposed while still being compensated for them. They not only limit waste that’s being dumped in landfills and in oceans but the components can be repurposed and used once again for data processing or storage.

Many companies employ the use of data processors for data processing and storage. But when it is time to upgrade, it can be a huge waste of asset to simply throw such equipment away to be disposed of. After all, just because they are outdated doesn’t mean they are unusable. The next best option would be to put them up for sale on surplus sites like eBay. Now people are presented with a different problem which involves making sure each equipment is wiped clean of any sensitive data. This process takes a long time. Sell Cisco is the perfect solution for this kind of dilemma. All that people have to do is hand in their old Cisco equipment and Sell Cisco will do all the data cleaning and reselling of the equipment. They can look for the best market offer and handle all the necessary logistics to wipe drives clean and refurbishment before it is shipped off to its new owners.

What’s great about working with Sell Cisco is that customers are guaranteed data security, fast evaluation and collection, and even faster payment. Whether it is old Cisco switches, phones, or routers, Sell Cisco is more than willing to take them off of people’s hands. Getting equipment evaluated is also streamlined and easy. All that people have to do is fill up a short form on their website, listing the equipment with a short description on each, and uploading a photo of the equipment. A representative will get in contact with the customer in a short time to get further information.

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