Adcodec India Pvt. Ltd. To Open More Than 25 Locations at Kochi City Kerala, India

Adcodec India Pvt. Ltd. To Open More Than 25 Locations at Kochi City Kerala, India

Kerala, IN – NOV 11, 2019 – Adcodec India, a digital advertising company in Kerala, is pleased to announce that they will be opening more than 25 locations at Kochi City, Kerala. The company is planning to open at 25 locations in the most prominent place of city business area. In two months, they are also planning to expand to over 100 locations. The company aims to integrate all the latest technologies, including AI, for targeted advertising and maximum reach for clients.

Advertising is necessary for modern businesses today. This is where Adcodec India Pvt. Ltd. comes in handy. The agency is India’s leading signage platform, offering new ways for businesses to expand. The digital signage agency is very thrilled to open new offices in the country. Today, the digital advertising company is better than ever, and they will focus their attention on small businesses and people who require signage the most.

“We are dedicated to helping businesses expand in our community. We work very hard to make the entire transition as flawless as possible,” said Edward Antony, managing director and chief operation officer of the company.

The advertising company is looking forward to perform the concept of local and simple contextual advertising solutions. They take pride in delivering all the opportunities every business needs to establish a network of well-built advertisers. What’s more, they also have a remarkable network of content-rich publisher sites, featuring massive visitor rates.

Adcodec India truly understands that digital signage could be a bit complicated. That’s the main reason why they are working with customers to make it hassle-free and simple. The digital marketing agency has assisted numerous companies and small businesses with their digital signage services.

Individuals who are looking for ways to modernize their business can opt to Adcodec for all their signage advertising needs. They offer digital signage services for Cab/Taxi, Car Wash, Event Planners, Health Clubs, Cafes & Restaurants, Bar Restaurants, Hospitals, Public Bus, Supermarkets, Shopping Malls, Theaters/Multiplex, and Store Desk. 

Today, the digital advertising agency encourages business owners to set their digital advertising boards at their location and begin earning with them. This is open to shop owners and commercial property owners alike.

About Adcodec India Pvt. Ltd.

Adcodec India Pvt. Ltd. is a digital advertising company in Kerala India, striving to offer the best and the most current advertising solutions for their clients. They take pride in executing new advertising techniques through the latest technologies accessible across the globe. Their goal is to sell a digital sign and reduce the overall advertising expenses of their clients at the same time.

To learn more about Adcodec India Pvt. Ltd., call Edward Antony at +91-484-4855559 or send him an email at [email protected]. Visit their website at to check out the services they offer.

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