Get a good night’s sleep with the CPAP machine

A CPAP machine works by increasing the air pressure inside the throat to prevent the collapse of the airway during inhalation. CPAP machine also helps to decrease snoring. CPAP machine consists of a filter and a small tank which consists of water. The combination of tank and filter acts as a humidifier. There is also a tube that connects these equipments to a mask. The mask contains a strap to keep it fixed at face during night time.

This machine is the best treatment for sleep apnea since it does not involve any kind of surgery. Moreover, it also helps in reducing sleepiness during the daytime, decreasing the blood pressure and supporting the heart health. It is the most popular and the best treatment for sleep apnea problem.

CPAP machine generally comes with a mask covering the patient’s face. The machine with mask which is specific for the nose area is also available. In general, it is recommended by the doctors to go through an overnight sleep study to determine the required adjustments of the machine.

Sleep apnea is a very serious sleep disorder and is very common in Asian countries like India. Over 1 million cases are observed in every year. The disorder causes irregular breathing. The most common symptom of sleep apnea is snoring. If a person snores loudly and if he/she feels tired all day, even after having a good night’s sleep, then the chances of suffering from sleep apnea are high.

Two types of sleep apnea are reported. The first one is the obstructive sleep apnea. It is the commonly occurring sleep apnea amongst the people. The obstructive sleep apnea is caused by relaxation in the back-throat muscles. When these muscles are relaxed, the airway narrows in and causes a reduction in oxygen level.  Loud snoring is also observed in such case.

The second one is the less common type of sleep apnea which is called central sleep apnea. This occurs when the brain is unable to send a signal to the breathing muscles. This leads to shortness of breath and makes it difficult to go to sleep or stay asleep.

It is very important to cure the sleeping disorder if you have it. CPAP machines are the best way to treat them. If you are recommended to use any by the doctors, then you should visit website. You can find detailed information about the types of CPAP machines that you could buy. You can also get satisfactory answers to any queries that you might have.

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