How the next generation of filmmakers are being supported in a competitive entertainment industry

One of Los Angeles finest up-and-coming film festivals, iFilm Fest, returns for its 4th year. Film submissions are already open, and the festival invites all young filmmakers to submit their movies for free via its partner’s website,

The festival recently completed its 3rd year by showcasing 15 promising short films from all around the world, and has awarded a new generation of filmmakers in 7 categories. Best Short Film and Best Screenplay went to “The Five Minutes” directed by a Chinese filmmaker Shange Zhang. “The Five Minutes” is a film about a Chinese businessman who uses a Sci-Fi phone booth to call this departed wife. A Russian comedy film “This is a Robbery” was awarded with Best Director. Best Cinematography was won by an American film “Sound” and its cinematographer Tawan Bazemore; Best Performance – Mike Mullin for an American drama “Prose”; and Best Makeup went to a UK Sci-Fi film “Final Contact” for their outstanding alien makeup. This year the festival jury has also highlighted a black-and-white political drama “Once in N-City” written and directed by Alibi Mukushev, who was awarded with the Jury Prize award, the second most important award after Best Short Film.

All winners have received prizes from iFilm Fest’s loyal sponsors and partners, Final Draft and Zacuto. Over the past three years the festival was also supported by Movie Magic, Robert McKee Seminars, Hunters House Entertainment Group and Zero1 Agency.

The festival’s Co-Founder and President, Jen Alvares, has expressed iFilm’s commitment towards supporting up-and-coming filmmakers by allowing them to submit their films for free and by providing film industry-related prizes to all winners in order to boost their career opportunities.

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