is allowing users to earn Bitcoin Cashback by making transactions is a popular website that allows users to earn Bitcoin Cashback on every transaction. The platform is utilizing the fact that every Bitcoin transaction has a cost and that a number of Bitcoin platforms like E-wallets, exchanges, miners are earning about 15% for every transaction made by their clients. Now the reason why some of these platforms will pay the user up to 7% of cashback is that higher number of transactions on these platforms will generate higher earnings for them so it is pretty much a good deal for them to pay the user a certain cashback immediately on every transaction they make. features partner websites all in one place that are willing to offer cashback to the users. Some of these websites include Escrooge, XML Gold, and Openchange among others. To start earning, the user can generate a new BTC transaction just by sending their desired amount in Bitcoin to the BTC addresses provided for this purpose; these BTC addresses will return automatically the user’s amount adding the CASHBACK percentage as indicated, to the address they have used to send the transaction, within 1 hour from the transaction. The user will just need to provide their BTC address to receive cashback and won’t need to subscribe to any platform or provide their IDs or KYC details.

One of the advantages of Bitlenda is that it provides immediate cashback which means the full transaction amount with applicable cashback is automatically credited within one hour from being sent, plus it accepts transactions from all over the world as long as the user has a BTC address. Bitlenda offers a responsive platform and allows the user to use any device to get connected, with 100% anonymous transactions. is currently the top provider of the Bitcoin Cashback program. The platform owned by Cryptopay made several deals and partnerships with blockchain platforms, exchanges, and miners. They have over 84% positive feedback on Trustpilot.

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