SDS Financial Donate $1m to Help with Pollution Control in Malaysia

SDS Financial Donate $1m to Help with Pollution Control in Malaysia

With more vehicles and a rise in population, the pollution levels all of us experience, rises year by year. With such concerns globally, many organizations and companies around the world try to help this cause in an array of different ways.

Many events and charities are held all over the globe to raise awareness and unify the people in power to make a change to help the future of our beloved earth, a more positive one.

With so many of us contributing to the pollution levels in more ways than one, we are all responsible for fixing this major problem.

Mr. Edward Knight, a representative from SDS Financial said:

“With the levels of pollution being at an all-time high, we, more than ever feel a sense of responsibility to help aid this increasingly worrying problem. We feel it is our duty as individuals and as a company to do our part in helping save the planet.

“We believe that regardless of the industry you are in, you should do what is necessary and unite with others to help save the planet. We have attended many fund raisers in the past but this year we wanted to make a bigger impact. We are planning on increasing our role in helping improve pollution levels and we hope other organizations will do the same.”

Hopefully more companies and organization take the step to help this cause and soon we can reverse the negative effects we had in previous years.

It is never too late to do your part and we hope this is more motivation for other individuals and groups to come together and resolve this major issue once and for all.

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