Alysha’s “David Attenborough” Official Music Video Premiere

A bit over a month ago, London born Alysha, a 17 year old teen with enormous talent as a singer and songwriter, would have probably not imagined for her career to catapult in such a sort of magical way.

Every artist, before they begin their road to stardom and even throughout, always dream all they want to do to achieve their goals. We hear many stories of singers that were many times turned down by the industry, one that said industry sometimes gets a tough reality check, when they realize that the artist is now a superstar (on a different label, ahem…)

Alysha’s song “David Attenborough”, premiered on various music platforms over a month ago ( Produced by AKA Block, an up and coming, superb, dutch producer and the track songwritten and performed by Alysha.

David Attenborough – Listen

Her life promptly has gone from 0-1000 in a massive way.
Now the name “Alysha” will be even more known with the release of a magical, whimsical music video, filmed in Paris, directed by Leonardo Corredor and Giovanna Gorassini, masters of the lens, with an eye for esthetics and beauty second to none, but more importantly, they were able to visualize and bring to life the concept to the official music video for Alysha’s “David Attenborough”.
Want to know what “David Attenborough” is about?
Make sure to tune at 0:00 hrs (GMT) Tuesday, November 12th or if you prefer stay put tonight at 11:59 PM GMT and refresh the link every couple of seconds.
You can start by subscribing to Alysha’s official You Tube Channel right away!
And refresh this link every second. The experience is simply magical:

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