Kaoori Chess Company Announces The Release of Its Wooden and Themed Chess Collection

Kaoori Chess Company Announces The Release of Its Wooden and Themed Chess Collection

London, United Kingdom – Kaoori.co.uk, a popular website supplying enormous varieties of chess boards and chess sets in the UK, releases its wooden and themed chess sets. Also, the company is renowned for providing chess players with an ample chess opportunity in the UK.

Kaoori.co.uk enjoys its outstanding reputation online and provide chess enthusiast a haven where they can purchase all kinds of necessities and souvenirs that are linked with chess. The Kaoori Chess Company is an online shop that offers everything you might need to maximize your passion for chess efficiently.

Kaoori Chess Company has original editions of chess sets and boards and is legally registered with UK copyright authorities. If you are searching to purchase a chessboard, travel sets, theme sets, chess clock, chess sets, and many chess accessories, then it is the appropriate place to be.

Recently, Kaoori Chess Company has launched its themed and wooden chess collection for chess enthusiasts. Also, the company owns massive collections, and varieties of selections to choose from, such as wooden chess sets; inevitably, the kind of chess products you are looking for are all present in the store.

According to Kaoori Chess Company, aside from the massive variety of chess products, they also focused on providing quality craftsmanship, unique pieces that you every chess enthusiast is dreaming to have. Because for them, every chess piece is a treasure; that is why they are only providing the services that every chess players deserve to get.

“We know that there are a lot of chess shops out there as well as other shops which offer chess products. However, these shops and sets lack something that we here at the Kaoori Chess Company have in spades: a dedication to chess. Our dedication helps us strive to stock only the very best quality chess sets, pieces, and accessories, no matter what the budget range. We stand by the products we offer, from the most inexpensive magnetic travel board to the most luxurious high-end luxury board,” Kaoori Chess Company stated.

The Company also said that “We believe that knowing the history of chess is just as important as knowing which fine chess products to buy. Chess is one of the most ancient games in the entire world, with some variations on chess games going back to the 6th century. It wasn’t until much later that the game as we know it today really took off in any significant way. In the 19th century, changing industrialization and an increase in mass-made materials led to the creation of standardized chess sets, which led to an increase in tournament play; it was during this century that the first-ever international chess tournament was held, sparking a new era of competitive chess that has remained ingrained into society ever since. Chess has remained a popular pastime for people around the world for more than millennia, and the popularity of chess certainly shows no signs of abating.”

That is why every collection they release only represents the elegance and importance of playing chess. Each masterpiece has a design and craftsmanship to die for. Also, every set is inspired from different history and has some story to tell to the enthusiasts. 

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