Face Recognition WeChat Mini-Program – Introduces Participants to New Amusements at the Exhibition

The Second China Expo is held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from November 5 to 20, with its overall scale further upgraded. The total area of country exhibitions and business exhibitions has increased from 300,000 square meters to 360,000 square meters, while the number of participating Global 500 companies and industrial leading companies has exceeded that of the first session.

Several tech giants, including Tencent and iFLYTEK, lead the exhibition at the China Pavilion. Recent advances in science and technology, new products and novel amusements have made the China Pavilion a popular draw, offering participants both technological experiences and fun. 

Novel amusements at the Expo close the distance through technology

Cutting-edge innovation and technology in the fields of artificial intelligence, 5G and Internet of Things are currently being showcased at the Expo. Face recognition, a hot technology in recent years, has been gradually applied to a wide range of fields. VisionSeed launched the module interface of face recognition, which has introduced more amusing features to WeChat mini-programs. Aiken Digital designed a face recognition mini-program with the theme of “China Tales” for Tencent’s booth at the Expo. This mini-program has been unveiled at the China Pavilion. 

The China Pavilion at the Expo serves as a stage to demonstrate the historical achievements in China’s economic and social development, as well as the new opportunities in the new era. In addition to “China Tales”, participants can also upload their own photos to have them displayed on the screen of the China Pavilion. After participants take photos with their phones and upload the photos to the face recognition mini-program, the mini-program will automatically integrate the face in the participant’s photo with those of people from all walks of life to generate a new photo. The backend will then display the new photo on the screen of the China Pavilion. In addition to “Telling Impressive China Tales”, people’s sense of participation and identity also counts. Technology provides the possibility for the face recognition mini-program to close the distance between participants and the China Pavilion.

Face recognition mini-program is launched and sends WeChat’s new signal

As an expert on the WeChat ecosystem, Aiken Digital has long been devoted to introducing the most cutting-edge technology and amusements to brand owners. Aiken Digital believe that the application of face recognition in the mini-program not only provides ingenious and funny amusement, but also sends out a new signal.

Previously VisionSeed kept mentioning its plan to develop the pan-entertainment algorithm and biometrics functional interface, which cover speech recognition, Text to Speech, image recognition, face recognition and optical character recognition. It is believed that the introduction to this face recognition interface will make more room for the third parties of WeChat and enterprises to construct commercial networks integrating both the social attribute and feature of the service. In the future, mini-programs will make use of the face recognition technology to provide users with digital experiences that are smarter, more fun and more convenient.

Aiken Digital

Aiken Digital focuses on assisting enterprises in stimulating growth potential through innovative ideas, data and technology. Supported by reliable international teams, Aiken is able to provide domestic and overseas brands with WeChat omnichannel marketing, WeChat cross-border e-commerce, idea and experience design, data consulting, CRM, AI and other services.

As a long-established provider of new digital growth solutions in China, Aiken is confident about the role of digital experience in stimulating brand growth potential. Thanks to a data-backed approach, Aiken is more likely to know about the specific needs of brand owners. Meanwhile, Aiken Digital implements leading marketing skills and solutions for brand owners and provides customers with customized system integration based on actualities. Headquartered in Shanghai, Aiken Digital has branches in Hong Kong, Singapore and New York. Its customers include BVLGARI, Mastercard, Unilever, Abbott, Finnair, Shiseido, Ferrari, Jaguar, etc.

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