The launch of Peach Orchard Mall is the First Step of Ecology On-Chain

Until now, the industry development of blockchain has been a decade. With the continuous development and update of blockchain technology, these three things of returning to the essence of service for blockchain technology, regaining the value of the application, and the introduction and application of blockchain technology have become the focus in society and economy. Recently, in a major speech on October 24, the leaders of the CPC Central Committee explained that the blockchain technology has played an important role in the innovation of new technologies and industrial transformation, and proposed that we should actively promote the development of blockchain integrated with the economy and society, push deep integration of the real economy, and solve the problems of small and medium-sized enterprises in loan and financing.


As an explorer and practitioner in using blockchain technology for C.C.M Global Huitong Group , to build the new commodity circulation economy based on blockchain technology application is to integrate the block chain technology with the real economy, endow the empowerment to the traditional entity industry, and gradually lead blockchain technology to be introduced and applied in various fields.


In order to actively respond to the national policies, Peach Orchard Mall affiliated to C.C.M Global Huitong Group was officially launched on November 9, 2019, when all users can download Peach Mall APP in many app stores. And Tonglihe Trading Corporation has become the first partner to enter into Peach Orchard Mall. In the mean time, 8 kinds of Commodity tokens was issued initially for public, which can be subscribed in SAR Digital Asset Exchange. At present, the peach orchard mall has launched 7 categories of commodity tokens, including SAN-2101 (kitchen supplies), SAN-0306 (cosmetics and skincare), SAN-2105 (drinking appliances), SAN-2406 (bedding), SAN-0502 (nutrition, baby food), SAN-3301 (alcoholic beverages, not include beer), SAN-0301 (cleaning supplies). More than 1000 items in total can be paid by the corresponding category commodity tokens.

It is reported that Peach Orchard Mall will continue to accelerate the new categories release and launch the corresponding commodity tokens, which means that the new commodity circulation economy based on the application of blockchain technology officially has come into the circulation stage. Meanwhile, it marks that the ecology on-chain has been built completely. An online mall supported by the underlying technology of blockchain was officially launched, giving full play to its absolute advantages in product traceability, data cannot be tampered with, openness, justice and fairness. If traditional Internet e-commerce can be combined with blockchain technology, on one hand can save the huge expenditure in anti-counterfeiting every year, on the other hand can protect the rights and interests of consumers from the source, so that consumers can clearly spend their money on consumption and easily use genuine goods.


As an important part of new commodity circulation economy created by C.C.M Global Huitong Group based on blockchain technology application, Peach Orchard Mall is mainly responsible for new commodity circulation, E-commerce, the bilateral trade, and the development of other fields, has the multiple forms such as regional shopping mall and cross-border shopping mall, and will provide physical support for the digitization of enterprise products.

At the same time, it is also the important platform of the enterprise for exhibition. The launch of Peach Orchard Mall marks that C.C.M Global Huitong Group has made a significant breakthrough in exploring and practicing the application of blockchain technology, which is also the embodiment of digital economy model innovation under the integration of blockchain technology and the real economy. In the future, C.C.M Global Huitong Group will continue to promote the application of blockchain technology in the field of commodity circulation and make its own contribution to the industrial upgrading and economic development.


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