Cai Changjin – A Lifetime Messenger Who Struggled to Break the Hidden Digital Code of His Ancestors

Traditional Chinese medicine culture is a treasure inherited from Chinese civilization for thousands of years and has made indelible contribution to the development of Chinese and even the world civilization. Traditional Chinese medicine culture is an important manifestation of China’s cultural soft power, in the new era we should let the excellent traditional Chinese medicine culture bloom. In order to revive and inherit the millennium traditional Chinese medicine culture and respond to the national strategy of “Healthy China”, special attention will be paid to Cai Changjin, the leader of the modern traditional Chinese medicine industry.

Cai Changjin, the fifth largest inventor in China, academician of the World Academy of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, expert on innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, chief physician of Chenghua Jinkang Clinic in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and master of traditional Chinese medicine in China. For more than 50 years, He has alway devoted himself to that innovative research and clinical practice of integrate traditional Chinese and Western medicine, It integrates prevention, treatment, health preservation and longevity into a whole, and has achieved fruitful results in the research of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese and western medicine. It has created “Chua’s integral microcirculation therapy of zang-fu organs and meridians”, abbreviated as “Chua’s therapy”, which has been praised as “the fifth great invention of China” in the world. The magical effect achieved in clinical practice has brought health hope to patients all over the world.

Cai Changjin is the inheritor of Chinese traditional medicine and the firm practitioner of reviving Chinese traditional medicine culture.As one of the participants in a series of activities of Chinese traditional medicine culture, Cai Changjin has always taken the lead in advocating that it is the unshirkable historical mission and responsibility of Chinese traditional medicine practitioners to explore, inherit and protect Chinese traditional medicine. As the leader of the Chinese medicine industry, he took the initiative to take on the responsibility of promoting the development of Chinese medicine in deepening the national health care reform, and set up a new milestone in the inheritance and development of Chinese medicine in the new era.

“Without leapfrogging of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, there can be no new integrated medicine,” he wrote in his book, “Chua’s Integrative Microcirculation Therapy of Zang-Fu-Meridians and Collaterals.” This sentence sums up his medical life. Simply speaking, the holistic microcirculation therapy of the zang-fu organs and meridians of Cai Changjin is a summary of the decades of clinical experience of the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. Its technology is based on China, supported by the west, and developed both in China and the West. Guided by the holistic view of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, Based on the meridians and collaterals of traditional Chinese medicine, blood microcirculation of western medicine and human anatomy, closely combined with the acupoints corresponding to the five internal organs of the human body and the Ren and Du meridians as the center, A new microcirculation system of zang-fu meridians and collaterals is formed by taking zang-fu meridians and collaterals as pathways. 10-30 acupoints are selected to activate blood circulation and dispel blood stasis through needling, and the injection of Chinese and western medicine is combined with venous bleeding and transfusion, and the oral Chinese medicine powder for regulating the five zang-organs is organically combined to form a four-dimensional whole. For the organic combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine to find a set of theory and practice of close combination of methods.

Compared with the traditional acupuncture method, the acupuncture point injection therapy has unique comprehensive advantages. In the process of treatment, the affinity, meridian attribution, direct access, disease-oriented, quick-acting and prolongation of acupoint and drug play a key role in the mechanism of acupuncture treatment of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis by acupoint injection. It is equivalent to transform the blood full of bacteria, viruses, high viscosity and high fat into healthy pure blood with high oxygen, high energy and high nutrition through activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, transform the blood with slow flow rate into the blood with fast flow rate, and transform the aged, dull and inactive blood into the young and active blood. The utility model has the advantages of reliable curative effect, wide indication, safety, no adverse reaction, no cross infection and no rebound. Its highest ideal realm is to let the patient live a long and healthy life quickly and mildly, so that the disease can be treated more thoroughly in this longer treatment process, and the sub-healthy patients can be rejuvenated, and according to the principle of clear understanding, the treatment course is short, the curative effect is reliable, the safe method to eliminate the disease, prolong the life.

Cai Changjin has always adhered to the study of Chinese culture, he believes that Chinese medicine culture deeply rooted in Chinese culture, many of the ethical ideas of Chinese medicine permeated in the Chinese culture, many of his inspiration came from this. As an important carrier of Chinese culture, Professor Cai Changjin chose the Chinese character “zhong” to interpret. The word “zhong” is a word with simple structure and common understanding, but it is also a word with rich connotation and profound artistic conception. What is the origin of the word “zhong” and its own meaning?

Professor Cai Changjin, China’s fifth-largest inventor, as the “image ambassador” of the 2nd China Health Industry Summit Forum on October 17-18, 2019, introduced the culture and connotation of the word “zhong” and deciphered the code of characters and numbers hidden by our ancestors.

He believes that China’s fifth-largest invention, the “Chua’s Zang-Fu Microcirculation Holistic Therapy”, is in line with the alphanumeric code contained in the Chinese character “zhong”.

The word “zhong” is composed of four strokes (mouth) and one word, which is exactly five strokes. The four strokes (mouths) are written in an oval shape like the earth, which implies that China’s fourth great invention influenced and benefited the whole world, and promoted the progress of human history. The word “1” is like an upright needle, like the needle used in acupuncture and transfusion of western medicine, which is thick and thin and runs through it, indicating health. From the five-stroke shape of the word “zhong”, we can see that the alphanumeric code of the ancestors implied that the integration of Chinese culture and Western culture would be the fifth great invention of China.

Professor Cai Changjin’s fifth great invention in China–Chua’s Zang-fu-meridian microcirculation holistic therapy–inherits the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, Adhering to the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, reforming traditional research methods, integrating western medicine and modern science, and taking curative effect as the standard, we have created a “new medicine”, giving full play to the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, promoting the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, pushing traditional Chinese medicine to the world, and promoting the great project of healthy China.

Professor Cai Changjin deciphered the digital code contained in the word “zhong”, which showed the wisdom and extraordinary wisdom of his ancestors, showed the pride of the Chinese nation to the people of the world, and made remarkable contributions to the health of the people of the world.

As a representative of traditional Chinese medicine, Professor Cai Changjin was selected four times and landed on the NASDAQ screen in the United States on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up in 2018 and the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China in 2019. He showed the unique charm of the fifth largest invented technology of Chinese medicine to the world and the artisan spirit of the great masters of traditional Chinese medicine. Highlight the wisdom of the Chinese people, become a business card of Chinese medicine to the world, promote the better integration of traditional medicine and modern medicine.

This collection of years of hard work crystallization, fully excavated the philosophy of wisdom and condensed in medicine, the Chinese nation for thousands of years of health concept and practical experience, has become a new era of traditional Chinese medicine development gem. With the wide spread of traditional Chinese medicine in the world, it plays an important role in serving the health of people all over the world. Traditional Chinese medicine connects tradition and modernity, has both cultural value and medical practical value, and has fresh vitality and broad development prospects. Cai Changjin is committed to the dissemination of traditional Chinese medicine culture, resolutely integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine innovation, so that the treatment for more people to bring health and happiness, so that the influence of traditional Chinese medicine to expand to the world, so that China’s fifth invention – “Chua’s zang-fu meridian microcirculation holistic therapy” as the world’s best diagnosis and treatment services.

Tsai Chang-chin, in his late 20s and early 20s, combined traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine to open up a new medical path in the world. With decades of hard work, wisdom and sweat, service clinical, teaching by word and example, training talents, carrying out research on the inheritance of fire, wholeheartedly serving the people. In order to let more people get health and happiness, medical research for the motherland has traveled all over the country and around the world. In his view, as a medical worker, this is his mission. He will continue to contribute to the innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, and to the medical science and technology of our country. As he said in his book, it is a great blessing in my life to do something for Chinese medicine.

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