Occupational Therapist collaborates with other professionals to fight the side effects of traveling

Trained occupational therapist and globetrotter, Paul Earnheart, looking to promote healthy traveling with the launch of “Preboard”

Currently living in the bay area of California, Paul Earnheart is a graduate of UCSD and has a Masters in occupational therapy from San Jose State. However, Paul has transformed his passion for fitness, health, nutrition, and traveling to a source of help for millions of people across the globe. His passion for helping people led to collaborations with several professionals across different fields, including herbalists, nutritionists, and MD’s to develop a unique product for travelers, particularly persons that are struggling to fight the side effects of flying.

Over the years, Paul’s love for exploring the world and experiencing the beauty of Mother Earth has led him to different parts of the globe, visiting more than 25 countries. He frequently traveled to visit his family abroad in Germany, which is also his place of birth. One of his major discoveries during his several travels is seeing his family and friends struggling with the side effects of flying. This led the passionate innovator spending long hours, days, and months, researching the most effective ingredients to fighting the different side effects of traveling, thanks to his background in clinical research, biology, and psychology, and ultimately supporting the health of travelers

With a seemingly steady increase in the number of people suffering from different travel-related issues, stakeholders in the health industry have come up with a wide range of solutions to these issues. Unfortunately, many such solutions do not meet the needs of patients. This probably led to Paul’s eventual discovery of the Preboard Travel additive. This comes after helping a number of travelers get pass their conditions by suggesting various additives.

Preboard is the first-of-its-kind additive specifically designed to support healthy travelers, with each serving containing a unique blend of all-natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids formulated to target the areas of the body and mind that are most affected by flying. Unlike many other solutions, Preboard is made with ingredients that are safe, drug-free, and non-habit forming.

Some of the flight-related issues Preboard is formulated to tackle include stress and anxiety, nausea, and jetlag. The product can also help to boost the immune of travelers, which is important, considering that airplanes are not the cleanest places on earth.

For more information about Preboard, please visit Paul’s website.

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