A Feast for the Senses and Imagination: 2019 Capital Creative Culture Week Unlimited Creativity Boosting Cultural Industry

Imagine a seven-day feast of culture bursting with creativity. From the curtain raiser on October 18, 2019, the first Capital Creative Culture Week has delivered that and more, proving the week to be a big hit.

Beijing Capital Group pulled out all the stops in breathing new life to the cultural and creative industry, thanks to the helping hand of government partners as well as industry players. The Capital Group has seen the fruits of its dedication to its hard work on a national cultural center in the past two years.

Creativity Unlimited was unleashed, which was the theme of the 2019 Creative Culture Week. The Capital Group showed its ability to enrich the experience of the public through building an industrial platform, laying down high-quality resources, and innovating business models.

A New Platform

People flocked to see the new look of the ancient cultural capital of China, and to feel the traditions of Chinese culture. The Beijing Capital Group has the people in mind in unveiling the Capital Creative Culture Week, building a soft power service platform for the cultural and creative industry. The event also grabbed the attention of many cultural enterprises, which shared their great corporate cultures to the public.

At the opening ceremony, industry experts and academic scholars shared a short history of the cultural industry and their practical experience in working on building a national cultural center.

More than 20 masters, 100 top designers and guests from all walks of life gathered at the international forum to talk about “Contemporary Design Meets Oriental Culture.” They honed in on innovative transformation of Oriental Culture in contemporary design, and the approaches to promote traditional culture and contemporary design despite the collision between tradition and modernism; inheritance and innovation; and, culture and technology.

The Lang Yuan Park Benefit Concert presented by National Centre for the Performing Arts of China offered the community an amazing opportunity for experiencing the elegance and charm of art.

A New Mode

Capital went all in with the release of the “Four-in-One” cultural and creative business layout at the opening ceremony followed by a variety of cultural activities. The industry had hats off to Capital’s “Space plus Content” in its cultural and creative park.

With a big push to improve operation and management, Capital has been working on creating cultural space, expanding content and upgrading consumption in its Lang Yuan Park program with the use of information technology, fan economy, “Internet plus” and big data.

Capital harnesses the creative transformation and innovation in the field of intangible cultural heritage with Capital Innovation and Development Platform for Intangible Cultural Heritage based on Yong Yuan Park. It extends the industrial value chain, putting together quality industrial resources and growing the online and offline sales and promotion channels.

Dongsi Hutong Museum stands out as part of efforts to bring old city blocks back to life. Capital has been working to preserve historical relics, creating cultural space and promoting traditional culture to keep the traditional customs of the city alive.

A New Field

“Capital Digital Entertainment Platform” dazzled audiences at the opening ceremony of the Culture Week. With an eye on space operation and in-depth industrial services, the platform offers services in four divisions: e-sports, animation, games and AR/VR. Besides these, the “Peace Elite” E-sports Competition and a series of “Animation Beijing” activities showcase Capital’s big contributions to China’s digital entertainment industry.

Money talks in the cultural industry. The Ivy League financing plan presented at the opening ceremony is committed to building a guarantor platform. By 2025, it plans to carry out 2000 cultural and creative guarantees in total, to the tune of RMB 200 billion for cultural and creative projects. Capital will zero in on outstanding cultural and creative enterprises in Beijing in six areas, including film and television program production, press and publication services, advertising and exhibition services, art performances, cultural services and management of cultural industrial parks.

Capital co-presented the 2019 Art Manufacturing China – Exhibition of Creative Design Competition for Cultural and Tourism Souvenirs in Changbai Mountain, which helped drum up awareness of the cultural brand of Changbai Mountain, promote the Mountain’s work on coming up with more creative tourist souvenirs, draw more tourists and advance cultural exchange.

A New Business World

During the Culture Week, Beijing Capital Group (BCG) · Communication University of China (CUC) Center for Media Industry Innovation played matchmaker and host with the Entrepreneurship Project Roadshow and Financing Matchmaking Meeting. They helped new and cutting-edge enterprises in the media industry with capital docking and the rapid growth of new scientific and technological enterprises in financing. Five upcoming scientific and innovative enterprises, a number of well-known investors and media took part in the event themed “New Species, New Booms and New Cultural and Creative Industry.” They shared the alumni’s 5G scientific and creative achievements, besides the experience of the teams from BCG · CUC Center for Media Industry Innovation.

Meanwhile, an open financing course was offered in the event, and representatives from lenders, accounting firms and other institutions shed light on the financing strategies, and provided exclusive preferential financial products for SMEs of science and technology innovation. The open course helped come up with 5G innovation in media content and technology, and offered guidelines for innovation and capital operation.

A New Creative Life

The art of slow living in entertainment takes the spotlight at Capital Creative Culture Week, and through various immersion activities, people may take a closer look at slices of life that used to be only watched at the theater. Cultural creativity becomes embedded in all aspects of life through cultural consumption.

At the Hutong Museum, the performance of the National Centre for the Performing Arts of China was sold out. Within a day, the number of people who signed up for the event exceeded one fourth of the maximum number of people. Lang Yuan Vintage Park was filled to capacity by “Long Live the Movie” and Piotr Pawlak Piano Solo Concert. Children were dazzled with hand-crafted items of intangible cultural heritage, such as bamboo weaving, hand-painted fans, pyrographs and hand-painted rabbit.

The residents of Dongsi Street captured on camera their unique views of the changes and charm of the Dongsi community. Fittingly, they named their works as “Lingering Charm of Hutong” and “Life of Common People” and so on. The first Hutong Photography Exhibition in China Hutong, themed “The Most Beautiful Dongsi”, showed the works of the residents, something the public went to appreciate and to share. Capital has succeeded in creating a wonderful and memorable cultural week for residents and the neighborhood.

A New Creative Future

As the 2019 Capital Creative Culture Week wrapped up, Beijing Capital Group’s cultural and creative industry heralded a new beginning.

Born in the midst of urban renewal, and growing up in the drumbeat of state-owned enterprises, Beijing Capital Group’s cultural and creative industry has gradually explored a path of innovation and development that bands together light and heavy cultural wonders. Capital has exactly positioned itself firmly in the construction of a national cultural center, and also provided valuable efforts for deepening reform and transformation of enterprises invested by SASAC of Beijing.

Beijing Capital Group will stick to its mission as one of the Chinese capital’s top state-owned enterprises, give full efforts to putting together resources and taking a leading role in the cultural industry through the attractions of Capital Creative Culture Week. Capital also seeks to cooperate with other top enterprises, professional institutions, experts, entrepreneurs and teams in the cultural industry. Capital will work around the clock to become one of the driving forces for innovation, development, support and service of the cultural industry in building a national cultural center.

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