Makeup Chain leads the new fashion, become the beloved of capital

Makeup Chain + block Chain  is a global beauty industry Chain ground application integrated services platform, to create beauty Makeup for beauty Makeup and global users in the world commodity base, the source of the authenticity on discerniblile, false report, evidence of quality evaluation, marketing promotion, social circle, the beauty industry supply Chain logistics information service, application of O2O complete solution.

Makeup Chain will cooperate with global beauty Makeup and beauty Makeup dealers to jointly launch and establish a research center on beauty Makeup product traceability technology, and jointly promote the application of big data traceability technology in beauty Makeup industry. The integrity and authenticity of all traceability data are guaranteed through the block chain technology, and the trust mechanism of the beauty industry is established to promote the sound development of the beauty industry.

Makeup Chain deployment intelligent contract, contract automatic execution, contract execution both sides can not cheat, only when the contract conditions meet, the contract automatically into effect.

The Makeup Chain will establish a third-party authentication institution, establish a talent pool of experts, and effectively guarantee the construction of the credit system of the Makeup Chain. Meanwhile, open and transparent community supervision and management mechanism will be developed to accept community supervision, improve and upgrade.

Makeup Chain establishes a new block Chain logistics information system for cosmetic enterprises, reduces the cost of enterprise-centered logistics information processing, strengthens the logistics information security system, and introduces the reliable REID and NFC electronic label identification technology as the identification of packaging cases.

The Makeup Chain has been in operation for more than a year, and has accumulated a large number of original customers and merchants. Recently, it has obtained a strategic investment of 60 million usd from YOUTH FOUNDATION, which is mainly used for commodity traceability and supply Chain logistics information service. Makeup Chain shocked the first good, Top Chain change board. nameless community, tianhe community, clover community, butterfly community, benmo community, shaohua community and other communities strongly joined the Makeup Chain in quality evaluation, marketing and promotion. In terms of social contact in the beauty circle, cooperation is reached to promote the rapid development of Makeup Chain. Beechwood Capital, Bertram Capital Partners and Castanea Partners are part of the Makeup Chain lockup plan. Makeup Chain leads the new fashion.

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