Looks into Business Analytics Courses and Springboard Looks into Business Analytics Courses and Springboard

As a business marketing group, analytics is our thing.  Or it should be. But building a marketing team in a smaller mid-western town comes with its challenges; one of which is training personnel in business analytics.  Many on our team were hired for their strong organizational skills or their communication skills, but few came with strong business analytics backgrounds. It was good, in that we could train them to our process, but we were lacking the facilities and programs in our area.

Looking for training options can be difficult.  However, we did find some great information in an article, “Developing a Student Community of Learning”. We were unfamiliar with Technical Committee Model learning but understood that it had been applied to teaching business professionals, such as accountants and others that use a lot of different analytical platforms.  What we needed was an online platform that could produce effective and efficient marketing agents with strong backgrounds in business analytics. We needed a model that included a system of advisors, mentors, a learning community and career coaching.  We found this site to be a useful source.

Data informs every element of modern business.  With a highly trained business analyst, a team can employ a structured approach to solving any business problem.  By stating the hypothesis, seeking relevant data, employing testing through structure modeling, proper recommendations are made for tackling any significant business problem.  We needed someone who could apply hypothesis-driven modeling, analysis resulting data, understood modern analytical platforms, and could properly communicate results. It sounded as though we needed to send our employees off to the local university and realize that we would lose them for a time.  However, we needed an online platform, such as Springboard, to allow our team members to stay onboard, but to further their education.

Where our small business company struggled was the time needed to support the learning process of our team members.  We found that will online platforms that supported Mentorship, our team members had someone who could spend valuable learning time with our team members when we could not.  Mentors can review our team member’s projects and exercises, give valuable feedback and correction. In most cases, mentors can assist team members with time management, task tracking and other areas needed in the workplace outside of their business analytics training.

So, when you find your business team needs additional training, but you don’t have the time or facilities and resources to train in-house, consider finding a platform that provides multiple levels of support for learning.  Your team will be more successful, and it will benefit your business’ bottom line.

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