Explores the Great Room Escape in Dallas, TX Explores the Great Room Escape in Dallas, TX

While at a business conference in Dallas, TX, our team decided to take on the Great Room Escape.  Challenging other business teams at the conference was a fun experience in team-building with a bit of competition with our rivals in the industry.

One of our team members, preparing for our business conference in Dallas, came across an article, “Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home’; Cartman’s Escape Room To Debut In Dallas”, on the CBS Channel 21 website.  Escape The Room creator Victor Blake said the project offers fans of the iconic series a truly immersive experience featuring original dialogue and animation, providing an exciting new experiential initiative where fans are transported into a standalone South Park experience.  With several of our team members being fans of South Park, we were ready to go.

If you are not familiar with Escape Rooms, you will find yourself in a fully interactive and immersive clue/fact-finding mission to “escape” the room.  Your team is locked in a room and must work together to solve a series of clues and riddles to escape. In this case, the clues and riddles had to do with the South Park theme. The clock starts with one hour and then ticks down as time flies while you are trying to find your way out.  We found it fun as a team, but even more enjoyable to go with other business teams at our conference to see who could make it out, and who could escape the quickest. The answer – none of us escaped. You really need to check it out.

Our intent for this outing was to produce a workplace where in-house competition gives way to collaboration and co-operation between staff members.  We have participated in many different activities, such as short, problem-solving activities to retreats lasting several days. And although there is a lot of fun associated with these events, they do provide some solid, serious benefits.  We have seen improvements in productivity by improving our three Ps (policies, processes, and procedures) that can affect productivity. Additionally, for our team, in events such as those at Great Room Escape, we find that our team collaboration has greatly improved.  We recognize the benefit of group participation instead of top-down decision making and planning.

If your team is looking for team building activities, we certainly can recommend escape room adventures.  They improve your team’s relationships and increase the company’s bottom line.

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