Considers Lulu & Georgia as a Part of Relocation Considers Lulu & Georgia as a Part of Relocation

We have changed offices recently.  We are bringing on more clients and our team is growing significantly.  With that, it was time to relocate into a larger space across town. We found a space that was previously a retail shop and converted the area into our online business office.

One of our team members is all about décor.  And with a new space, she was going to make sure everything was just perfect.  After reviewing an article, “How to Choose the Perfect Feature Wallpaper for Your Room”, at, she began putting all the plans together for the new office space.  The rest of the team was thinking, “Wallpaper?”

Little did the rest of us know how wallpaper was making such a comeback.  According to the article, “If you really want to play up the focal point of a room, there’s no better way to do it than with wallpaper.  Now, all I could think of was the wallpaper my mom used to decorate our living room back in the late 70’s. But, as the team got involved in the planning of our move, we took the time to browse around here to see how wallpaper has certainly changed over the years.  Everything from Moroccan Wallpaper, Jungle Wallpaper, Pastels, Fruit to, yes, Dumbo Wallpaper.  And what did we get, a brick pattern. And you know, it looks great. 

What could you do with Wallpaper?  Lighten up your entry into your business area.  Adding patterns to the entryway walls can create an inviting space at the front of your client’s visit.  Add some color and shapes to your breakroom. While eating or taking breaks, team members find such patterns encouraging and stimulating.  In the office space, use bold lines and stipes to stimulate structure and process. There are plenty of things recommended by wallpaper companies, such as Lulu and Georgia, that would work great in your workspace.

We planned to create a contemporary workspace and found that the brick pattern was just the trick.  The space is used as our “thinking spot” where team members can get away from their computer desk and relax on the couch or in the recliner chairs for a time of re-thinking.  Although you might think that it would take away from productivity, we find just the opposite. That a few minutes away from the desk in the “thinking spot” energizes the team to return and focus more clearly on work.

What will you do with your space?  Wallpaper could be the answer.

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