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ScanGator provides a detailed report on companies and businesses around the world. All reports are provided within seconds. Through using the comprehensive search engine investigation tool, people can find out the truth about a company.

A new business investigation tool is helping consumers and business professionals to investigate those they wish to do business with before making any purchases. ScanGator, which is a worldwide business directory, that performs a data scan of open-source databases throughout the World has been described as one of the most important business investigation tools of 2019.

There are more than 4.39 billion people who use the Internet each year with 2.14 billion people buying products and services online. However, tens of millions of people who make purchases online are unhappy with the service or product they receive. That is why when buying online it’s important to do research to check on the credibility of that company. ScanGator provides that information by providing detailed information on the company including reviews.

The business investigation tools allow people to purchase with confidence by providing the information a potential customer would need. The free business investigation tool provides information which includes: Key people within that company, when the business was created, who their hosting company is, and when the website was created and reviews to name a few.

Each year business spends around 8% of their gross revenue marketing their products and services, providing a positive reputation. Those hiding a bad reputation will spend more than 16% of their gross revenue to hide negative reviews. Some businesses will even hire a crisis management team and SEO experts to hide their bad reputation, leaving potential customers open to their bad practices, services and products. But now, it doesn’t matter how much money a business spends to hide their reputation, they cannot hide from the ScanGator tool.

When asked why people should use the ScanGator tool, a spokesman for the company replied: “It’s so easy to become a victim of a scam online. Each year millions of people are victims of scams including holiday scams and product scams. Even more people are victims of clever marketing, hoping they are dealing with a reputable company to only find out they are dealing with a company that doesn’t care about the customer. Our tool finds out the truth about a business to help people avoid the scams and the bad businesses out there.”

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