This battery-powered cooler launched on Kickstarter chills drinks in 40 seconds, perfect for campsite and festivals

MotionChiller is the exciting new battery-powered cooler that cools the drinks in just 40 seconds so the user is never stuck with a warm drink on a campsite or festival. The product launched on crowdfunding website Kickstarter is bringing the much-needed solution to keeping the drinks cool during camping, hiking, picnics and attending festivals. Nobody likes warm beer or soft drinks which is why MotionChiller is the perfect product to keep drinks chilled.

While many other gadgets are seeing a rapid transformation in the past few years, cooler technology has lagged behind a lot. The regular coolers in the market require the user to pre-chill their drinks then keep it in the cooler, only to keep it cool for a few hours before it starts to warmup in the heat. Another drawback of the run of the mill cooler is its limited capacity of about two dozen 500 ml cans.

The revolutionary new MotionChiller however, overcomes all these problems by allowing the user to instantly cool their drink whenever they want to, and carry up to three 500ml can trays or four of 330ml can trays atop MotionChiller. The suitcase-like design and bottom wheels make it easy to carry around. The specially designed lid on the top holds the beer trays in place when carrying it without any need to tie them down. The Smart cooling controller enables the user to chill their beverage cans instantly while the MotionChiller’s top surface can be used as a camping table to put down drinks, play card games and place food on it.

Another advantage of MotionChiller is that it can chill upto 6 times more beverages than the cooler could store inside and the user can refill it with ice afterward to continue their cold beer party as long as they want to!  The MotionChiller features a small hole on top where the beer can needs to be inserted to cool it in just 40 seconds. Unlike the regular coolers that are no insulated very effectively against heat emitted by sun, MotionChiller has a second insulation layer that blocks heat radiation to keep the ice stay longer.

MotionChiller is available at a discounted price via its Kickstarter campaign and only the first 100 backers will get it at a price of €99.

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