The Automation Queen Academy Helps Female Entrepreneurs to Maximize Time and Earn More Income: New sessions Begin in January

Chloe Bisson believes that time is more valuable than money. With that in mind, she encourages entrepreneurs on how to invest their time in a way that gives back. And she has a host of clients who are lining up to find out more by attending The Automation Queen Academy and taking advantage of her virtual assistant services. The first on the list for 2020 is her Stop Dreaming Start Doing Bootcamp which is set to launch in January.
The Automation Queen Academy Helps Female Entrepreneurs to Maximize Time and Earn More Income: New sessions Begin in January

LONDON – The Automation Queen & Co. founded by Chloë is a global business that teaches female entrepreneurs the concrete skills and strategies to help them make the best use of their time while earning an income. Her guidance centers in large part on showing them how to best use technology and digital marketing achieve that. 

And with research that show that 30 percent of new businesses fail within the first two years, her services are geared toward ensuring that her clients do not become part of those statistics. 

Chloë is an internationally acclaimed speaker, number 1 best-selling author of Determined and Dangerous and a leader in online businesses services. She has been helping businesses to launch and automate their products and businesses for over 10 years. But she did not come to her success easily. This millennial battled depression and the unique stressors associated with working in the male-dominated tech industry. 

“I turned the challenges I have had into advantages as I am one of the few women speakers and business owners who is a tech expert and has insight to mental health challenges,” said Chloë. “I find that the audiences I speak to and the clients who use my business services are drawn to my message of empowerment for life as well as business.”

“My life’s passion is to help other women to start and grow their businesses and transform their lives. I share my expertise in both tech and business ownership and I use the obstacles I have faced as business lessons to help them avoid similar pitfalls,” she added. “When I automated my own business, not only did my income increase, but I had time to pursue my passion for international travel.”

Chloë spends part of her time speaking to business and women’s organizations around the globe while also overseeing The Automation Queen & Co. teams in the UK, Asia and Australia. The Automation Queen Academy offers workshops; one-on-one and group mentoring sessions; downloadable resources; pre-built ad and email campaigns; automation sequences; and courses on a variety of business topics. The monthly cost for those all-inclusive services is £197 per month.

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