Ocean Plan to Release the Innovative Dive Navigation Computer at DEMA Show 2019

Orlando – Nov 13th, 2019 – Ocean Plan is expected to be the next wave of growth in dive industry, and Ocean Plan recently released its newly designed dive navigation computer – Navygator and Navygator pro at Dema Show 2019.

What have been long overdue issues that divers find it almost impossible to navigate and communicate underwater seem to have an answer. Navygator pro – the latest dive navigation computer by Oean Plan, other than other dive computers in the market – enables real-time navigation and communication underwater. Other salient features including underwater positioning, SOS signals, abnormal state warning and text messages exchange with the connection range up to 200 meters makes it possible for the product to be implemented under various hydro-geological circumstances.

Boat unit and buoys are also available in the product line.

The boat unit is used for wireless connection between divers and the boat on which the boat unit is put. When connected to the boat unit, divers can exchange messages with the boat and easily find their way back to the boat with the help of underwater navigation. Given the robust capability, it adds extra versatility to complicated underwater operations, plus more safety.

Buoy put underwater at cached place is used for locating. Acoustic signals will help divers find the location where they ‘marked’ last time. Specially designed for underwater operations such as wreck dive and fishery.

A lot of attentions have been drawn to Navygator series that have successfully aroused strong interests from attendees in this year’s DEMA Show. Huge commercial value as well as potential partnership is to be extended in the near future. With the premium slogan – For Life and Exploration – Ocean Plan determines its way to create a safer diving environment for all divers everywhere.

About the company

Ocean Plan specializes in the manufacture, development and sales of high-tech products designed for aquatic uses. Ocean Plan is focusing to provide solutions of underwater navigation and communication to current market’s white space in an order to build thorough wireless connection system that adds extra protection to divers’ safety.

The team is working closely to constantly improve the products to fit into complicated underwater operations and intend to expand markets all over the world.

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