Advises Visiting Boho Clothing Stores this Holiday Season Advises Visiting Boho Clothing Stores this Holiday Season

So what is Bohemian clothing? Boho clothing was based around the 60s and 70s hippy babies. So when you think boho fashion think hippy fashion. Boho is free-spirited and unusual, it is all about expressing yourself. The image that often springs to my mind is Jenny in Forrest Gump, she was the definition of boho chic! The colors, the airiness, the fabrics and textures. Jenny showed the freedom and personality that boho fashion trends allow. 

If you are interested in looking into current boho chic style go to this site, once there you will find so many inspiring outfits to try out the modern day boho chic trend. Don’t be afraid to express yourself, and be creative. Find outfits for that work party you have coming up, or the morning hot yoga sesh you have with your best friends. Whatever you do, do it in style! 

Don’t feel bad about splurging on all the Boho Clothing Worth Shopping Right Now, Because ‘Tis the Season! All the women in your life will be so happy to find fantastic boho staples underneath the tree. Buy your mom those dangly earrings you know she’d love and match it up with a frayed purse and some retro 60’s era boots. Don’t forget to treat yourself too! Think of all the compliments you will get on your creative and fun outfits at the Holiday Parties this year! recommends visiting BitterSweet Boutique for some great gifts! 

So how do you get the boho chic look exactly? Choose clothing in natural tones and fabric. Earthy colors and comfort are the definition of boho fashion. You’ll want to go with beiges, browns, reds, oranges, dark greens and white. Textures and accessories are everything! Wear that fringed cardigan or the lace dress, or for the perfect look wear them both with a sun hat, cowboy boots and big bag to complete the look. Don’t be afraid to wear patterns, florals are a huge staple for bohemian clothing, we are talking about those hippy babies! If you aren’t a hat person buy a headband. Flower headbands were popular in the 60’s and 70’s and the comeback is big. And remember no matter what outfit you decide on, just make sure to express yourself!

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