XSV Plan? Hundreds of Dark Websites Take Joint Action

According to a report by intelligence 7th, a British agency that has long monitored Internet Security and the trend of dark networks, at 0:00 November 11, 2019 London time, the world’s low-key dark networks suddenly made a unified action, including crypto market, silkraad 4.0, xvideos and hundreds of other dark network websites, and a pop-up window named “x-stone virtual” appeared at the same time.

*Pop up window of “xsvarch engine” appearing in crypto Market

George Davis, intelligence 7th’s intelligence officer, reported that the pop ups did not point to any links and disappeared after only 42 minutes, and that the agency is currently investigating the implications of the operation. “There is evidence that these illegal institutions are trying to bypass the FBI / CIA’s monitoring and restrictions in some way and upgrade the existing tor network at the underlying protocol level,” Davis said. “It remains to be seen whether this action will endanger Britain’s national security, and we cannot exclude the possibility of terrorism in its actions.”

*Pop up window of “xsvarch engine” in silkroad 4.0

For many years, the whole dark network has always been under the cover of tor nodes. Although it accounts for 95% of the data forms of the whole Internet, there has never been an effective and unified action. However, since the “Silk Road” was hit by the FBI in October 2013, many dark net websites have been attacked in succession. Last October, the U.S. district judge sentenced gal Valerius, the illegal trader of dream market in the dark net market, to 20 years’ imprisonment, which shows that the tor network is not as secure as before, so the whole dark net has an urgent need to upgrade its underlying network protocol.

More and more evidences show that the merchants and anonymous users of the dark network hope to build a “next generation dark network” through new technology, which is usually called “blockchain technology” network, which may change the composition of the dark network from the traditional tor anonymous network to the decentralized network in the next few years.

Not long ago, Cristiano Amon, a senior Facebook consultant, said: “if blockchain technology is widely used, it is necessary to further cooperate with bitcoin to strengthen its role in the dark network.”

Although the business value and traffic value of the dark network are much higher than that of the general Internet, in view of the high sensitivity of the dark network content, all large companies’ participation in this field has failed, and there has never been a unified joint action before.

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