A Au Vocational Guidance School Opens SEO Training Courses

A Au Vocational Guidance School Opens SEO Training Courses
A Au Vocational Guidance School Kicks Off New SEO Training Program

November 14th, 2019 – Ho Chi Minh City – A Au Vocational Guidance School (Huong Nghiep A Au) made an announcement that it has started a new course named SEO Training as part of the latest series of digital marketing training program.

SEO is an essential subset of digital marketing as the use of SEO is getting important for the overall success of digital marketing. For those who may be worried about their future job opportunities, SEO is possibly a great choice since the learning process is more practical, persistent, result-oriented and innovative.

“SEO is a crucial element of digital marketing in this modern era. If you want your brand to be present to customers and enhance recognition, it’s a must to focus on brand building, better positions on the SERP, more traffic, greater understanding of what customers like to see, etc. And you can only achieve those with the help of SEO,” says Trinh Nguyen, Vice President of Marketing Department of A Au Vocational Guidance School.

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The SEO course of A Au will make a debut next month and is expected to bring a complete educational offering with many advanced training options to digital marketers who are in actual need of improving their knowledge and professional SEO skills.

A Au’s in-person SEO courses are taught by experienced digital marketers, providing a deep understanding of SEO analytics for the trainees to come up with effective SEO strategies.

The curriculum is designed to give attendees a thorough understanding of Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines, keyword optimization, RSS Feeds, IFTTT, local SEO, YouTube SEO and so on.

About A Au Vocational Guidance School

Founded in 2011, A Au Vocational Guidance School is a Ho Chi Minh city-based trade school with the mission of orienting the young in their future careers and providing vocational training and required technical skills to perform the tasks of multiple specific jobs. With more than 20 branches nationwide, the school offers a well-trained and high-quality human resource to a wide range of professions across the country.

For more information, please visit our website at https://www.huongnghiepaau.com/khoa-hoc-seo.

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