Raj Reddy worked with Murad team of robot studio to create the private beta of the pet assistant game of ADAPP

Recently, Raj Reddy, an American Turing Award winner, and Murad team, an American robot studio, jointly created the ADAPP pet assistant game, which will be released soon. Under the leadership of CEO Murad, after several years, the creation of artificial intelligence game is about to be launched.

The development of the underlying big data analysis engine, such as artificial intelligence image recognition, voice recognition, face recognition, text recognition, deep learning, machine learning, natural language, has been gradually improved; In 2017, the project team of ADAPP was established, which took 2 years to develop. The pet assistant APP integrating game + AI + Finance + social + e-commerce will be officially launched in February 2020.

In the future era of artificial intelligence, ADAPP will help users deal with all kinds of things and let users make money with ADAPP, mainly through the functions of artificial intelligence system, pet chat, intelligent advertising machine, AR fight against monsters and occupy the earth game, AR scan, intelligent translation, intelligent education and so on.

1. AI system: With the efforts of all colleagues in the robot studio, ADAPP has developed the artificial intelligence underlying engine in 2015, including language recognition, image recognition, speech processing, self-learning technology and other technologies, after nine years of version updating;

2. Pet chat: ADAPP will accompany the user for a lifetime, become the user’s good friend, good assistant, acquire knowledge, analyze knowledge, perform business judgment, etc; ADAPP will acquire Bitcoin, weather, latest events, food, travel, finance and other knowledge to grow with the user every day. In the era of artificial intelligence, ADAPP will help the user to obtain wealth.

3. Intelligent advertising machine: ADAPP gets a large number of fans through the game. With fans, it has flow. Through the flow of intelligent advertising machine, it promotes advertising and network tasks, and obtains financial value;

4. Ar monster fighting game: The latest high-tech AR technology is integrated into the ADAPP game. Through the free game, players get five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth to synthesize high-value goods;

5. Occupy the earth game: ADAPP moves all the offline businesses to the online business world from a new definition. The user can set up gangs to occupy offline stores through games. The stores get a large number of consumers through ADAPP, so that online gangs, shops and consumers can win-win; ADAPP’s goal of occupying the earth is to make Meituan into a game Meituan,

6. Ar scan: Ar scan takes the user to know different worlds, all the puuzles don’t is answered by AR scan ADAPP; Such as the name of the plant? The name of the animal? Car information? Signs, signs, etc The user can get knowledge by AR scanning ADAPP;

7. Intelligent translation: In the future, ADAPP can take its user around the world without worrying about the language. The language of all countries can be automatically translated into Chinese speech output through ADAPP;

8. Intelligent education: ADAPP intelligent education is the key part of ADAPP. In the future, when human beings enter the society, they will find that all work is replaced by machines. Then human education must be changed. ADAPP will teach its user how to control machines to obtain wealth in the era of artificial intelligence.

In the future, ADAPP will mainly develop in the two directions of AI Game + finance and AI education + finance, making good rules by using the blockchain intelligent contract technology; Gradually achieve the grand goal of 100 million users of players, 210 million AD constant issuance, and 210 billion market value!

For more information about ADAPP, please visit the official website: http://www.adappnet.com/

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