ADAPP released its private beta in December, which aimed at changing the world through games

Recently, Raj Reddy, an American Turing Award winner, and Murad team, an American robot studio, jointly created the ADAPP pet assistant game, which will be released soon. Under the leadership of CEO Murad, the creation of artificial intelligence game is about to be launched after several years. The development of the underlying big data analysis engine, such as artificial intelligence image recognition, voice recognition, face recognition, text recognition, deep learning, machine learning, natural language, has been gradually improved; In 2017, the project team of ADAPP was established, which took 2 years to develop. The pet assistant APP integrating game + AI + Finance + social + e-commerce will be officially launched in February 2020;

The 80’s and 90’s who grew up playing games have gradually become the mainstream consumer group of society; In the process of getting married, buying a house, buying household appliances and other consumption, they will find that a brand that does not entertain is a brand that does not know how to market. All businesses will win in the future if they want to make a sense of game and interact with others constantly. And ADAPP is to change users’ work and life with game thinking;

ADAPP puts forward four essence of game thinking, which aimed at changing the world through games:

1. Objectives: Game clearance thinking is to set a goal; Users only need to move towards this goal; The goal will not change; The goal of ADAPP world is to: Help the user get wealth through the game of artificial intelligence, intelligent knowledge and intelligent finance;

2. Rules: All games must have a set of rules, which can’t be changed from the moment when they are online; It’s like real life, work; Users will find that life and work will take a long time to adjust, very messy in the short term;

3. Feedback collaboration: The biggest characteristic of the game – stimulation; Users will find a lot of games, such as hacking monsters, dropping a equipment. ADAPP thinks that this is a periodic feedback reward; In a game, there is one in almost a few seconds.  Therefore, users will feel particularly happy with short-term achievements. Another example: When users watch movies on the internet, they will find a lot of danmaku; It’s a mess for users, but they’ll find it fun.

The conclusion is: The human brain is evolving, and the response speed is faster and faster. When children play games, monsters appear everywhere on the screen; Such a high frequency of feedback interaction is now a way of thinking for young people; In reality, how often does the boss give feedback to colleagues and employees? Is the feedback good or bad? So employees don’t like working and children don’t like learning, because the feedback to them is all wrong; But there are many positive feedback in the game; Its inspiration is that people like to be recognized by others;

4. Perhaps this is the hardest; For example, when four people are playing mahjong, suddenly someone take out a gun and asked his partner to make a move. This will make all partners lose interest. In reality, how to design the mechanism of voluntary participation and think about and optimize the work voluntarily; Only when an enterprise has a project can it develop better.

ADAPP, intelligent ADAPP, piercing eye, wealth life!

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