The Biggest Trend Of Bridesmaid Dresses 2019: Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

The Biggest Trend Of Bridesmaid Dresses 2019: Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses
According to the research of weddings held this year, burgundy is one of the most popular colors for the bridesmaid dresses and the burgundy dresses have become the 2019 wedding theme.

Wedding is a kind of special celebration of true and forever lasting love, a moment when the guests will toast the couple with wishing them a lifetime of happiness. The color burgundy is named for the color of the wine produced in Burgundy. So it is one of the best colors to draw wedding palette inspiration.

There are a variety of different shades of burgundy. If you are looking for burgundy bridesmaid dresses, you may get confused among the different burgundy colors. Today, three shades of burgundy will be introduced and hope they will help to find the right burgundy bridesmaid dresses.

The first shade is claret bridesmaid dresses. The claret is much lighter than the classic burgundy. It has a purple tones to its coloring but it’s not so deep which also appears a little bit dusty tones. If the bride is expecting a mix and match bridal party, it would be great idea to combine claret with crimson, rose and blush colors together and that will create a special theme. This mix and match look will photograph in an incredibly beautiful way.

The second shade is bordeaux bridesmaid dresses. The bordeaux is a deep red color with a bit more purple tinges than burgundy which could be easily recognized from a lot of the same colors. Bordeaux is an outstanding bridesmaid color, especially for fall and winter weddings. It will complement each other without overpowering it if combining the bordeaux with navy blue, mustard, and cream. Especially when worn during the fall, the bordeaux bridesmaid dresses will have a perfect embellishment of the changing leaves.

The last one is the classic burgundy bridesmaid dresses. Burgundy is a kind of dark reddish purple color with brown tones which is slightly lighter than maroon. It is a great way to combine burgundy with other lighter colors, creating an elegant and unique color palette. Like light blue, blush and beige, they could pair perfect with burgundy without competing against its richness.

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