Leading HVAC contractor in Boise Idaho visits the American Standard Factory

Leading HVAC contractor in Boise Idaho visits the American Standard Factory
Popular heating and cooling Boise company, Shanco Heating & Air, send their top personnel to the American Standard Factory in Tyler, Texas to see how the furnaces and air conditioners are made

In line with the company’s goal of delivering the best possible heating and cooling solutions to commercial and residential clients in different parts of Idaho, Shanco Heating & Air recently sent their top service technician and top Installer to the American Standard Factory in Tyler, Texas. The two top officials were sent to the factory to see the way the furnaces and air conditioners sold, installed, and serviced by Shanco Heating & Air are manufactured. This gives them a firsthand, behind-the-curtain look at the detail that goes into making these great products and a better understanding of how they can be installed and serviced to ensure optimal performance.

HVAC experts are extremely important to ensure the environment is as conducive and as healthy as possible for everyone. Unfortunately, due to the relatively high cost of such services as well as the somewhat difficulty in accessing quality services, many customers have had to settle for solutions that do not meet their desired standard of quality. Shanco Heating & Air have been able to make a difference by combining quality service delivery with affordability.

The recent visit to the American Standard Factory is a further reiteration of the company’s goal of better serving their customers. The lead installer at the leading heating and air Boise Idaho, Chris, expressed his appreciation at what he saw and the attention to detail by those working in the factory. The factory tour included an exclusive look at the way the patented Spine Fin coil is made and how each part of the air conditioner was checked by a real person to ensure proper installation.

According to Dustin, the top service technician at the heating and cooling Boise company, the “Snow Room” was his favorite. The room creates an extremely cold environment to test the heat pump units and ensure they can withstand and produce heat in an efficient manner.

Chris and Dustin revealed the fantastic experience and better understanding of the air conditioning systems they had visiting the factory.

More information about Shanco Heating & Air and the full range of premium quality heating and cooling Boise solutions offered can be found on their website – https://www.shancohvac.com/.

About Shanco Heating & Air

Shanco Heating & Air was founded by Brett Shannon, a Master Technician from the Northwest HVAC/R Association and Training Center, as a local, family-owned heating and air conditioning company. The company serves different areas across Idaho, with a team of well-trained and highly experienced hands to consistently provide quality work with long-term results.

About Brett Shannon

As the proud owner of SHANCO Heating & Air and as a father of two children, Brett understands that an issue with the heater or the AC can be catastrophic, and that work should be done correctly and safely the first time.

Brett prioritize his client’s satisfaction as the core of his business. He understands the hesitance to let strangers onto someone’s property to perform complex tasks. He founded the company as a family-friendly business that makes people comfortable.

In 2011, Brett received a certification as a Master Technician from the Northwest HVAC/R Association and Training Center. His education didn’t stop there, as he continuously attends classes and seminars to serve his clients better as the industry continues to grow.

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