Realtime Campaign Explains How an Inmate Kiosk Can Save Prisons Time and Money

Realtime Campaign Explains How an Inmate Kiosk Can Save Prisons Time and Money

Jails and prisons are reaping the rewards of technological advancements by implementing prison kiosks. Kiosks, small electronic hubs used for providing information or making sales, are freeing up time and saving money for incarceration facilities in the United States. These devices can be used for financial services, family communication, and even inmate education. With secure designs, they are virtually tamper-proof. Let’s look at some ways they are saving time and money for jails and prison.

Frees Up Time for Jail Officials

Prisons look to not only reduce inmate and officer contact, making facilities more secure, but it also leaves no room for human error. In Troy, Ohio, Miami Valley Jails began bidding on Kiosk systems to save time for staff. Staff would no longer have to hand out commissary items and purchase reports would be generated by the computer. The staff could be reassigned to other more important tasks to help improve security.

Allows for Easier Financial Transactions

With kiosks placed in prisons and different pods of the facility, inmates would have easier access to their financial transactions. Family and friends would be able to deposit cash using a telephone service, at another device, and even online via cash or credit card. The funds would then be transferred to the inmate’s account in real-time. Inmates could then access their balances and history through an on-site kiosk 

Family Communication

According to, some inmate kiosk’s even make it possible for families to communicate with the inmate via email services. In some cases, sending photographs and even video visitations would be possible. For lower security inmates, self-service visitation could cut staffing demands. This makes access to inmates even easier as families would be able to visit on-site via video, at remote centers, or even in their homes via a computer. You might want to hop over to this site to get more information regarding government kiosks.

Inmate Media/Education

 An electronic kiosk could provide inmates with more opportunities for media and education. Inmates could do legal research and even file a grievance or send appeal requests. Tech students visit women’s prison facilities and noted that there are educational courses available for rehabilitative purposes. These courses and progress could be accessed electronically, making it easier for an inmate to get an education. Some would also allow inmates to access certain media, such as facility newsletters or bulletins. 

Safety and Security

A prison kiosk can be designed with shatterproof touch screens, tamper-proof materials with no exposed cables, and can be wall-mounted or placed in a sealed chassis. Some have metal cages if needed. Jail and prison kiosks are a way to save on overhead costs in prison facilities. These machines could increase inmate access, improve security, and make life easier for those who have family members behind bars.

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