The Brilliant Night of C.C.M Global Convergence, Focus on Great Changes in Global Commodity Circulation

With the further development of economic globalization, 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, problems of high access threshold of world trade, cumbersome operation process of global commodity transaction, low efficiency of cross-border payment and high regulatory costs have emerged.

However, how to seize the opportunities of technology evolution, apply new technologies such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and blockchain to the field of deals and circulation in global trade, establish a new pattern of commodity circulation, aiming at reducing transaction costs, improving regulation efficiency and promoting economic prosperity, which will affect the power of discourse of China in global commodity trading, promote a new pattern in global commodity trading.


100-Year Development Plan of C.C.M-ISRto boost global economic development

Standing at the historical turning point of rapid changes in the world economy and increasing global competition,C.C.M Global Convergence Asset Management Co., Ltd has launched the 100-year development plan of C.C.M-ISR after years of research and planning. Not only that, It has carefully arranged in the fields of commodity circulation, industrial demonstration, integration of commodity trading system, financial derivatives trading, research and application of blockchain technology, etc., so as to create a new commodity circulation economy with independent intellectual property rights and based on the application of blockchain technology, to contribute to a force to improve the competitiveness of China’s commodity trade and boost trade flows across borders.

Based on this, the brilliant night of C.C.M Global Convergence will be held by C.C.M Global Convergence Asset Management Co., Ltd on December 18, 2019, which will launch a core project globally aiming at the four sectors of real economy, digital economy, service platform and public welfare activities. In fact, the launch of these four sectors is the implementation support of the operation system of the 100-year development plan of C.C.M-ISR”, and also an important support to build the hard power of scientific and technological innovation for C.C.M Global Convergence Asset Management Co., Ltd.

The development plan of C.C.M-ISR is the most logical and complete project in commodity circulation economy, which its core is to apply blockchain technology to solve the conduction block in current commodity circulation. It not only makes the circulation of commodities smooth and easy between producer and consumer, but also solves the contradictions in fragmented development of commodity production, investment and financing, consumption and financial services. This is a long-term goal that requires the concerted efforts and tireless efforts of the partners involved in the development project of C.C.M-ISR.

During the historical barriers of the game between China and America, a new round of global technological competition and industrial transformation, a new economic model of commodity circulation created by the development plan of C.C.M-ISR can achieve secure and efficient point-to-point payment by adopting the most cutting-edge blockchain technology, which has effectively solved the pain points and problems of cross-border trade and payment, and promotes the efficient allocation and circulation of goods, capital, labor and other factors of production on a global scale, and push the realization of efficient and sustainable development of the global economy and trade.

Annual Meeting of C.C.M Global Convergence Asset Management Co., Ltd to Strengthen Staff Cohesion

While the conference of the global project launches, the brilliant night of C.C.M. Global Convergence will be held simultaneously with the annual meeting and award ceremony of C.C.M Global Convergence Asset Management Co., Ltd. It is the mission of C.C.M Global Convergence to promote new commodity circulation economy based on the blockchain technology. Our corporation perspective is to build industry consensus, lead scientific and technological innovation and open up new economic opportunities, always maintaining the pursuit of economic development, commodity circulation, new technology iteration. Therefore, a batch of conscientious and enterprising employees who take innovation as their mission sprang up, whom their efforts for the rapid development of the group provides a strong competitiveness and cohesion.

Since its establishment, C.C.M Global Convergence Asset Management Co., Ltd always sticks to the value orientation of forge ahead, creating a win-win situation, brave responsibility, common growth, which gathered a group of outstanding talents and established a good reputation in the industry. The annual meeting will further stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of the team, enhance the recognition of employees with their goals, promote strategic sharing, and accelerate the layout of industrial ecology by giving grand awards to excellent employees and departments.

The Brilliant Night of C.C.M Global Convergence Held in Hainan, Shining the World

Hainan is the largest special economic zone in China, the pilot area for comprehensively deepening reform and opening up, the national major strategic service guarantee area, and an important pivot area of One Belt And One Road. In recent years, various high-level and global conferences have been held in Sanya, Hainan, including the Brics conference, international financial and economic conference, international cultural industry fair and international blockchain conference. As a new benchmark for comprehensively deepening reform and opening up in the new era and the forefront of China’s expansion of foreign trade and connection to the world economy, the world’s largest free trade port is being built in here.

To boost the global economy digitization, Hainan has been used as the operation center to enter the circulation of new commodity economy and make a new layout of world trade. The brilliant night of C.C.M Global Convergence will be held in Dream Ocean of Haichang, Sanya of Hainan on December 18, 2019, which will fully demonstrate the development concept of C.C.M Global Convergence Asset Management Co., Ltd to position the world and lead the world in new commodity circulation. This splendid feast held at home will surely have a broad and profound impact on the industry and the development history of the world’s commodity economy.

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