New Indiegogo Campaign Introduces the Key to Fresh, Chemical-Free Food

Black Grow Box is an innovative indoor farming company that offers 100% organic food products at affordable prices to the local food community. The company also provides the smartest in-home hydroponic farm for indoor fruit and vegetable production.

Say goodbye to pesticide-infested, expensive food. Black Grow Box, a revolutionary Turkish indoor farming company, has recently launched its Indiegogo campaign with the mission to introduce fresh, chemical-free food at reasonable prices. The campaign is geared to raise around CAD 50,000 within the middle quarter of December 2019.

Its almost impossible to get access to quality food for the majority of communities today. Even some of the largest nations lack the ability to cultivate plants in their urbanized environment. As a result, we make do with stale food imported from other parts of the world. What many of us ignore is that importing food products greatly increases our carbon footprint. Furthermore, the existing process of commercial growing makes things costly for us as it forces us to share a number of costs such as labor, refrigeration, and transportation. This is where Black Grow Box comes to the rescue.” stated Mohammad Ehsanmaleki, the man behind Black Grow Box.

Black Grow Box offers a broad range of food products:

  • Various fruits and vegetables
  • Honey (stored in a container and infused with fruits like blueberry or strawberry)
  • Jam
  • Wine
  • Agricultural Nutrients

All the food products offered by the company are 100% grown in organic environments, are non-GMO, pesticide-free, and are available at a much affordable cost.

Aside from supplying local communities with various local food products, the company has also developed an eco-friendly agricultural box that can grow fruits and vegetables with fewer resources and at a much less space compared to traditional modes of production. Using a combination of aeroponics and hydroponics, the cultivation box contains a complete ecosystem and can produce up to 2 – 4x more compared commercial methods.

“Black Grow Box offers a suitable and effective solution for all aforementioned problems. Our product enables access to fresh food, grows local produce for the economy, reduces carbon footprint in food production, and keeps money within the community. What we are offering is a sustainable, automated system mostly powered by solar energy,” Mohammad Ehsanmaleki states.

Furthermore, Black Grow Box will launch the smartest hydroponic farm inside a shipping container. Named “Infinity Smart,” it is the first injection rotary garden that works using gravity. Inspired by cutting-edge NASA designs, this rotating in-home farm carries a 30-liter water tank and is equipped with a smart automated farm control. The system operates with Black Grow Box’s proprietary plant growing light system, enabling it to grow diverse produce in just 45 – 90 days.

Infinity Smart can house up to 90 plants with plenty of space for 30 kinds of seeds. The system works with minimal electricity consumption and noise.

“Black Grow Box is the solution the world needs today for easy access to fresh food and ensure a healthy food economy. Such an ambitious idea is highly expensive and demands robust financial support. Funding raised from our Indiegogo campaign will be allocated to cover the expenses of manufacturing and distributing our product. Your generous support will enable us to bring our revolutionary containers and organic products to the world and make lives better and sustainable for all of us.”

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts on various Black Grow Box products.

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