Explains How Storage Container Rentals Benefit Construction Companies Explains How Storage Container Rentals Benefit Construction Companies

Since construction projects take place in the open, contractors need a way to protect expensive materials and provide shelter for staff members. Most solve the problem by renting shipping containers that are adapted for a range of uses. They are made of steel, extremely durable, weather-resistant, and secure. Containers are also mobile and are easily transported to work sites where they are easily set up. Construction companies can order units in a range of sizes.

Storage Containers Are Very Scalable 

Per scalable storage containers are a popular choice for construction sites. Businesses can opt for modular buildings that arrive fully assembled, but they are cumbersome and difficult to customize. Steel containers can be stacked 6 high. They are available in a range of sizes to fit every need. Providers typically offer units ranging in length from 10′ to 45′ and customers can even order refrigerated models. Storage containers do not need a foundation. As soon as providers drop them into place on worksites, they are usable.

Containers Offer Exceptional Security Features

Construction companies often visit a provider’s website and rent storage containers because they are designed to protect contents during shipping. That makes them especially secure. When containers are manufactured, they are waterproofed so they can withstand long trips via rail or sea. Containers are ideal for protecting expensive construction equipment and building materials because they are made with steel walls and have strong, watertight doors. Customers can also add extra locks to increase safety. 

Shipping Containers Can Be Used as Offices and Bathrooms

Businesses like Conexwest storage containers that can be converted and adapted to clients’ needs. For example, construction companies often order containers that include plumbing and electricity and become on-site bathrooms. Contractors order even more elaborate versions to use as mobile offices. They can be wired for phone and Internet service and include windows. Containers make especially good offices because they provide exceptional security and protection from weather but can easily be removed when they are no longer needed.

Clients Can Use Containers as On-Site Hoardings

Large construction projects often include hoardings or covered walkways that are often created from storage containers. Sturdy containers are ideal for the purpose because they can be linked to provide comfortable access areas that protect workers and become barriers between work sites and the public. Most clients rent basic units and then customize them. Since containers are essentially just big steel boxes, it is simple to cut open sections to create entrances. Doors can be removed to connect units. Many companies create multi-level walkways that can be removed quickly when work is complete.

The large, durable steel containers traditionally used to ship goods are often adapted for use on construction projects. Contractors can rent them from suppliers who will customize containers to suit customers’ needs. It is common for construction companies to use containers as secure storage, on-site bathrooms and offices, and even elaborate walkways. Those who want more information about secure containers can reference Hints From Heloise: Picture this storage situation.

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