Young Millenial Makes a Living Playing Video Games

Innovative marketplace for gamers, Eldorado, reveals how gaming enthusiasts are making a living selling Path of Exile Currency (PoE Currency)

Eldorado is an innovative marketplace for gamers, where players can sell their in-game items and currency, to other players, and ultimately make good money while having fun. In a recent interview of young millennials, the gaming solutions provider reveals how young gaming enthusiasts are making money while enjoying their hobby, playing and selling game items, as opposed to spending long hours studying for a university degree.

“Like any other business, selling PoE Currency business, also have seasons and time periods, when the demand is large, due the different factors (holidays, new updates, small supply and etc), and periods when the demand is low. The best month I had was last year (2018), on December, when I made somewhere around 12 000$ gross profit. That said, usually my average gross profit is somewhere 5000$ a month. It really depends on the supply of the gold, and how my main competitors from China are performing,” said one of the interviewed sellers.

PoE Currency has grown to become one of the most sought-after gaming currencies, giving lovers of adventure games the freedom to enjoy new adventures. While some gamers are having a filled time playing their favorite games, others have leveraged the increasing demand for PoE Currency to make some good money. Studies have revealed that some gaming enthusiasts make as much as $5 000 per month playing video games and selling Path of Exile.

“We think this is the most fun way to make money, play games you like, and also earn real money. Not all video games allow this to happen, but there are some games, like Old School Runescape, or World of Warcraft where many young kids, earn their salary, selling gold they farmed, to other players. This is really fascinating market,” said authorities.

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